Data tracking on the piste

08/22/2012 - Selina Sauerland

Do you think nobody can track you sportiness during your winter holiday? Or that you have to estimate the daily altitudes you have covered? Then you haven’t heard about the service many ski areas now offer.

In many ski areas, e.g. in Mayrhofen, you can recapitulate the number and lengths of pistes you have covered. This is possible by aid of a hub system on the pistes and of course the Internet. The hubs register each skier with their times and the corresponding altitudes and send this information to a website on the Internet, where it is visible for everyone.

To gather the total kilometres of piste, you only need e.g. the lift pass number for the website Once you have entered this you receive an exact overview of the times and the altitude coverage. Mainly this is displayed in an easy-to-read chart with an altitude profile.

This way every skier can follow up on how much sport was effectively done throughout the winter holiday.

Since the website has been published, it has turned into a real trend for skiers. There are even competitions between some of them to see who is the most active on the piste. As the list are very exact, there is no possibility for fudging the results.

If you’d also like to see how active you have been and would like to compare the results with other skiers then you only have to visit the mentioned website to check listings.


  • Wednesday, 22. August 2012
  • author: Selina Sauerland
  • category: Equipment
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