Creative gift ideas for winter sports fans

14/11/2023 - SnowTrex

Is Christmas or a birthday just around the corner and the right present is still missing? SnowTrex presents creative gift ideas especially for winter sports fans – from affordable to expensive.

I wonder what Santa has in his bag…

For snow addicts – magic snow in a bag

An ideal gift for a small budget, but with a very big lucky effect: snow! The magic snow powder for domestic use comes in a 30 gram bag and when mixed with a little water is extremely plentiful. With just one teaspoon of powder you can conjure up a glass full of fluffy snow and make it into a snowman or snow angel. Whether it’s snowing or thawing, you can be sure of snow fun – at least on a small scale. The “Magic Snow Powder” from Liebeskummerpillen costs around €4.

For gourmets – chocolate fondue in a cup

A cup, a tea light, a cheese picker – and your fondue set is ready for your handbag. The lower part of the cup is recessed so that a tea light can be placed in it. When lit, the cup turns into a mini-cooking pot that melts chocolate. Now just skewer the fruit on the picker, dip it into the hot chocolate and enjoy. The same also works wonderfully with cheese, in which pieces of bread are dipped – a practical and unusual gift that can be used on the next hut tour. Affordable versions are available online from approx. €7.

For the comfortable – Skiboot-Butler

Anyone who has ever put on a ski boot knows this well: the foot should not be pinched in the ski boot, but the shaft must fit tightly on the leg. The buckles have to be tightened and closed with a lot of force. Depending on the sitting or standing position, this can be quite exhausting. The resourceful inventor Dr. Michael Völpel has developed a little helper for this problem that puts an end to these torments. The small plastic part is placed directly over the buckle and thus creates an increased leverage effect. Closing ski boots has never been easier. Price: approx. €11.

For motorists – Yeti ice scraper

If your car’s windows are icy, you have to scrape the ice. This is usually a pretty cold affair for the fingers. If you don’t have any gloves, you can use the stylish Yeti ice scraper with protective glove. Originating from the Star Wars universe, this fluffy item is a great gift. Available online from approx. €10.

For daredevils – snowball cannon

Once the snow has finally fallen, everyone can enjoy the white delight. With the professional “Snowball Blaster” you are well prepared for the next snowball fight. This massive snowball cannon is a highlight from the Arctic Force series of the American toy manufacturer Wham-O. The shooting mechanism works similar to a slingshot, whereby the play equipment shoots the snowballs quite far. Available online for about €20. For those who like it less aggressive, they can form their own small round balls with simple snowball pliers.

For the sweet tooth – chocolate skis

If you want to present a sweet gift, you will this to be an original chocolate present. The hand-made skis and ski boots are cast from 100 g milk chocolate and come in an attractive gift set. The ski-chocolate combination lives up to its Swiss reputation and is an eye-catcher not only for those with a sweet tooth. Available online for around CHF 20 (approx. €17.50).

For the freezing – face mask Beardo

The idea for the “beanie with the beard” came to the Canadian Jeff Philipps when his face froze in the North American winter. The wrapped scarf helped the snowboarder come up with the basic idea for a warming beard replacement. Today, the patented design is available in many variations: Knitted caps, beanies and even children’s models are provided with the fluffy knitted beard. A funny gag gift that impresses with its function. The original Beardo is available online for approx. €37.

With the Beardo, it’s warm all over your face.

For art lovers – illustrated book “Alpen”

There are many illustrated books of the famous Alps, but the volume “Alpen” by star photographer Peter Mathis is a particularly beautiful example. The artist from Vorarlberg has captured the majestic landscapes from very personal angles in extremely aesthetic black-and-white photographs. A feast for the eyes for every mountain lover – published as a hardcover by Random House, available for about €50.

For deep snow skiers – avalanche course

It is essential for ski tourers, freeriders, snowboarders and snowshoe hikers to be informed about the conditions in the terrain and to know what to do in an emergency. The ideal gift for daredevils on skis and boards is a voucher for an avalanche course. It teaches you everything you need to know about avalanches and off-road hazards, from 15-minute lectures to weekend courses. Good places to go are the alpine clubs, mountain rescue or the SAAC (Snow & Alpine Awareness Camps). Prices on request.

You should only go off-road if you have attended an avalanche course beforehand!

For do-it-yourselfers – build your own sleigh and igloo

The “do it yourself” trend has long since reached winter sports. In ski construction seminars, laymen can build their own individual skis and snowboards under expert guidance. So why not make a unique sled for friends or family? There are numerous building instructions for wooden sledges circulating on the Internet. Ambitious people can build an entire house out of snow. On event platforms, there are corresponding vouchers for igloo workshops for about €50 per person.

Why not build a sledge yourself?

For adventurers – overnight stay in an igloo hotel

If you don’t want to build your own place to sleep, but still want to spend the night in the ice, you can book at an existing igloo hotel. Overnight stays in a “modern” igloo are in demand and are now available in many ski areas. A bed of ice, cocktails at the ice bar, sleeping in animal skins – all this is romantic, extraordinary and above all directly on the piste. The overnight stay in an ice-hotel can range from simple to luxurious in igloo villages such as Brixental, Zillertal, Allgäu or Ötztal.

Welcome to the Igloo Hotel.

For retro lovers – designer furniture made from old skis

Styrian designer Jakob Lederer transforms old skis into smart furnishings. The great thing about the designer furniture made from old sports equipment is that it is always unique – and that there are no limits to the imagination. Ski poles become coat hooks and ski shovels become baskets or flower pots.

Snowboards are also processed into benches, tables and the like. In any case, an alpine made-to-measure piece of furniture comes out. The prices for the unique piece production range between €90 and €720, depending on expenditure and size, concrete prices are available on request.

Winter sports fans can also have chic pieces of furniture made from old skis.

For lovers – ride in the luxury gondola

The ideal gift for your partner and all lovers is a luxury mountain trip for two. A cable car in the Hochzillertal offers this very special gondola experience. The BMW-sponsored “VIP Gondola” in Kaltenbach features leather seats with massage function, the multimedia system from the BMW 7 Series Sedan and champagne glass holders for champagne on the way. It’s almost a pity that the elegant ascent only takes a few minutes. The ride can be booked individually, also in combination with gastronomic offers on the mountain.

Like here in Zermatt, winter sports enthusiasts can book special rides in a VIP gondola at many ski resorts these days.

Gift idea from Trexpert Felix Neureuther

“As a child and a student, I always got my new skis first on Christmas – never earlier. This made the new skis something very special and I was always very happy. However, an ABS backpack is also a very good gift, which is especially appreciated by powder friends. If you’re on the go in deep snow, you shouldn’t do without an ABS backpack. A backpack like this saves lives.”

He is the Trexpert: Felix Neureuther.

Was the right present missing? In the end, perhaps the most obvious gift is the best one: a ski trip in the snow! SnowTrex offers a whole range of good tips.

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