Unusual gift ideas for winter sports fans

11/27/2017 - Brandi Gulick

You only have one week left until Christmas but are still looking for presents? We have some gift ideas especially for winter sports fans.

Hmm… what could Santa have in his bag?

For those having a sweet tooth – skiers from chocolate

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want to give a small and sweet gift, you should decide for this tasty present. The chocolate figure “Skier” is produced in loving manual work in Lausitz. Cast in milk chocolate or dark chocolate, it weighs 90 gramme. – Pure indulgence in the form of a skier! The gift an be ordered online from Germany via Confiserie Felicitas, approx. €10.

For those addicted to snow – magic snow in a bag

An ideal gift for little money, but with a great effect on happiness: nothing less than snow! The magic snow powder for home use is sold in 30g bags and, mixed with a little water, is very fertile: one tea spoon of powder makes for a glass full of fluffy snow for snowmen or snow angels. No matter if it snows or melts: fun with snow – even on a small scale – is guaranteed. The “Magic Snow Powder” can be ordered online for approx. €4.

Magic Snow Powder

For convenient ones – ski boot butler

Everyone who ever put on a ski boot knows the struggle: the foot should not be jammed in the ski boot, but the shaft still has to fit tight on the leg. For this, the buckles have to be pulled fast and closed with force, which can be very exhausting depending on the way you sit or stand. The clever inventor Dr. Michael Völpel designed a little helper for this problem, and it is supposed to put an end to these pains. The little thing made of plastic goes directly over the buckle, causing a stronger leverage effect. Closing your ski boots has never been easier! Price: approx. €10. www.skiboot-butler.de

The Skiboot Butler is available in a variety of bright colors.

For powder snow skiers – Avalanche training

For touring skiers, freeriders, snowbowarders and snow shoe hikers it is absolutely mandatory to obtain information about the conditions in the terrain and to know what to do in an emergency. Like this, the ideal gift for daredevils on skis and board is a gift voucher for avalanche training. The course teaches all there is to know about avalanches and dangers in open terrain, and from a 15 minute presentation to a whole weekend of lessons, there are various ways of presenting the issue. Good contact points for the courses are, e.g. Alpinist associations, the mountain rescue or the SAAC (Snow & Alpine Awareness Camps). Prices on request.

For vintage-style enthusiasts – Design furniture made from old skis

The Styrian tinkerer Jakob Lederer turns old skis into smart home furnishings. The great thing about design furniture made from old sports equipment is the fact that they are always unique items – and that there are no limits to one’s fantasy. Ski poles turn into coat hooks and ski shovels are turned into baskets or flower boxes.

A children’s ski with four pole handles makes quite the cool coat rack.

Even snowboards are processed into benches, tables and more. – The result is always an Alpine piece of furniture. The prices for the production of one-off items range from €90 to €720, always depending on the size and expense, more specific prices are available on request. www.skimoebel.at

A bench made from old skis – a retro dream!

For DIY-enthusiasts – Build your own skis with Build2Ride

Designing and building your very own, individual skis according to your ideas? – A dream for many winter sports fans. The guys at Build2Ride make this dream come true in one weekend. For the attendance fees one could easily also buy a pair of high end skis, but then you won’t end up with an individually designed and unique item that you drafted and built yourself. – Better to gift a true experience that also has a fantastic final product. The seminars for ski building cost from approx. €700 and can be booked on www.build2ride.com

Skis made in Bavaria.

For hobby photographers – LUUV camera stand

LUUV is the new generation of handy camera tripods. The Steadicam has a 3-axis stabilisation for steady pictures and is suitable for action- and compact cameras as well as smartphones. It can be carried by hand and operated with two fingers. On ISPO tradefair the tool was named “Product of the Year” in the “Action” category. – And rightly so! The basic version SolidLOOV costs approx. €100.

For friends of bare facts – Ski instructor’s calendar 2016

One of the classic Christmas presents is a wall calendar for the upcoming year. Instead of landscape photographs or baby animals, the Austrian photographer Irene Schaur offers something completely different for winter sports fans. She photographed lightly dressed ski instructors and created a calendar with 12 aesthetic nude portaits. Costs: €xx, via skiinstruktors.at – Bitte vor dem Posten mit Originaltext abgleichen!

For gadget freaks – Lily Cam

Drones are the latest trend in the segment of action sports. They deliver spectacular aerial views of the actors especially when filming in the snowpark or when freeriding. The newest selfie-model from the United States is the so called “Lily Cam”, a drone with “throw-and-shoot”-principle: one can easily throw it up in the air, it instantly starts flying and then follows the tracker that’s around the skier’s or snowboarder’s wrist. It records pictures from up to 15 m, can fly up to 20 minutes, and can recharge automatically when the battery is low. The price is about $ 1,000  (approx. € 890). [bitte nochmal mit originaltext abgleichen, ob änderung ok. Teil des Textes ist für 2017 nicht mehr relevant!]

You did not find the right gift? Maybe the best choice is the obvious: ski holidays in te snow. SnowTrex has a whole set of possibilities.


  • Monday, 27. November 2017
  • author: Brandi Gulick
  • category: Equipment
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