One ski, two tips – Twin-tip skis

09/04/2012 - Selina Sauerland

Twin-tip skis are an eye-catcher, not only because of their bright colouring. These skis have made a name for themselves within the freerider scene and make every winter holiday in the Alps to a real fun activity. The main characteristic in comparison to the normal skis is the split ends at the tip which guarantees loads of fun. Basically you can divide the twin-tip into two main categories: the park & pipe models and the all-round talents.

The park & pipe twin tips have a slimmer waist line and are designed especially for the use in fun parks or in the half-pipe. To ensure the pressure of the stunts does not damage the skis, they are built in a very robust way. The slim middle part should help to keep hold of the track after landing a jump, however at the same time the skis are also ideal for carving along the pistes.

The main advantage of the all-rounders in comparison to the “classic“ models are the softer flex, the wider middle part and the slightly bent-up back tip of the skis. Due to the wider middle the skis are ideal for slush, used pistes or powder snow areas – a really good alternative to freeride, off-piste or all-mountain models. If you don’t want to miss out on a couple of tricks and jumps, then these twin-tip skis are surely the absolutely right choice.

Source: DSV aktiv Ski & Sport Magazine 02/2010

  • Tuesday, 04. September 2012
  • author: Selina Sauerland
  • category: Equipment
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