Ski gadgets: “Carv” and more ski wearables

21/11/2022 - SnowTrex

For ski beginners, attending a ski school is probably the best choice to learn elegant turns on the two boards. But if you already know how to ski a bit and would like to hone your technique, you can turn to a wide variety of wearables instead of a ski school. “Carv”, for example, is the name of a fairly new technology that promises to analyse the skiing behaviour of every skier and then offer suggestions for improvement. There are numerous other ski and snowboard gadgets and wearables that make skiing holidays even more relaxing, comfortable or beautiful. SnowTrex presents “Carv” and other winter sports gadgets that have it all.

Improve your skiing technique now – with innovative ski gadgets!

“Carv” – the digital ski instructor

“Carv” is the name of a digital ski instructor. This digital ski instructor is based on a technology that uses a few gadgets to analyse the skiers’ behaviour while skiing and provides tips for improvement. The main component of the wearable is an insole and a small tracker. The insole is less than 1 mm thick, so it does not change the fit of the ski boot. The ski gadget is so small that it can be attached to the shaft of the ski boot without any problems. It is connected to the insole. In order for the recorded data to be transmitted, skiers also need the Carv app on their smartphone and ideally a pair of headphones to be able to follow and implement the tips from the app while still skiing.

The following video shows how a digital ski instructor could revolutionize life on the slopes:

SKIING HAS CHANGED | Are you ready?

How Carv works

The insole of the ski gadget, which is no more than 1 mm thick, consists of 36 pressure-sensitive sensors. Basically, they measure the position and the force exerted by the foot. If you take a closer look at the sensors, one sensor measures the speed, for example, and two other sensors measure the rotation and the orientation of the ski. All 36 sensors analyse the skier’s stance, power transmission and weight distribution and transmit this information via the tracker app to the connected smartphone. According to the analysed weak points, the ski gadget then sends tips for improving the skiing technique. The skier can listen to these tips live by wearing headphones while skiing.

The “Carv” ski wearable is particularly suitable for advanced skiers.

For whom is Carv made?

If you’re a first-time skier, you’re probably better off relying on the expertise of a real ski instructor to help you learn how to ski. With a bit of practice on the boards, however, it is definitely worthwhile to resort to the winter sports wearable. Even (far) advanced skiers can benefit from the new technology. After all, you never see yourself skiing and can fully analyse where posture, carving, edge pressure and so on can still be optimized. In addition to classic skiers, the app is also aimed at freestylers. The Carv ski gadget can also measure the time in the air and the load during the jump and landing. With the tips from the app, jumps can also be optimized.

Freestylers can also hone their technique with wearables like “Carv”.

More Carv functions

The ski gadget Carv also “accompanies” skiers in the longer term in optimizing their skiing style and not just at the moment of skiing. For example, various goals can be set and tasks defined for which the skier can collect points. In addition, the app does not delete the results of the individual runs, but collects them and thus allows an overall analysis of progress at the end of the season. It is also possible to connect with friends via the Carv app – so the competition for who is the technically better skier is on.

The Carv app stores all data collected during skiing.

Waxing Kit for optimally prepared skis and snowboards

Every winter sports enthusiast knows the importance of properly waxed skis and snowboards. But with regular trips to the mountains, proper maintenance of the equipment can be quite costly. This ski gadget helps save ski and snowboard enthusiasts time and money. The “Waxing kit” contains all the utensils needed to sharpen, wax and optimally adjust skis or snowboards. It is light and easy to transport and therefore fits easily into any ski luggage. The basic tools such as metal scraper, white and black P-Tex sticks, polishing pads and brass brush ensure quick waxing jobs and elementary base repairs. Therefore, this ski wearable is an absolute must for the next ski holiday in the mountains.

With the waxing kit, winter sports enthusiasts always have top waxed skis on the slopes without much effort.

Rally Gloves – Multifunctional Gloves

Ski gloves serve as a heat reservoir for the hand and fingertips when skiing or snowboarding. But as soon as the gloves are taken off, it starts to get cold, and the fingertips slowly start to freeze. After the third panorama picture at the latest, the mobile phone has to be quickly put back into the pocket and the gloves are quickly put back on. But even if the hands were only in the fresh mountain air for a short time, a large part of the warmth has disappeared and will not return at this time. The Rally Gloves solve exactly this problem. They are supple enough to operate mobile phones without any problems, and a special material is used on the fingertips that make it possible to operate the touchscreen even through the glove.

But in addition to this practical function, the Rally Gloves have other fabulous features. They are waterproof, have a zip for hand warmers and a removable inner lining that is also compatible with the touchscreen. With these gloves, winter sports enthusiasts no longer have cold fingers, even if the smartphone is pulled out every 5 minutes for the next photo.

So that the fingers do not cool down so quickly when operating the smartphone, there is the Ski Gadget Rally Gloves.

To make sure your fingers don’t cool down so quickly when operating your smartphone, there’s the Rally Gloves ski gadget.

Fur wax for smooth ski tours

Winter sports fans who like to go on ski tours are certainly familiar with the phenomenon of “piling on”. When the temperatures in the valley are high, the snow can be slushy and wet on the first few metres of the tour. This not only diminishes the ski touring experience for the moment, but also causes the skin to become soaked with water. During the ascent, the falling temperatures in higher areas consequently cause the fresh snow to freeze on the wet skin. This event is called “bulging” and makes the last metres before the finish difficult for every ski tourer because the skins no longer fulfil the desired function. If touring skiers do not find a solution in time, it can quickly become dangerous. This occurs because the grip of the skin decreases significantly.

This touring ski gadget is ideal for such a scenario. And the application is also basic: simply smear the skin wax over the skin before the start of the tour, and the snow will no longer stick. Tourers who don’t want to take any risks should always carry this touring ski gadget with them.

Fur wax not only prevents clogging when ski touring, but also ensures that the adhesion of the fur does not weaken.

Hydra Pack Stow Bottle – the practical water container

On a long day of skiing, it is especially important to keep the body hydrated. Winter sports enthusiasts who first think of a hip flask are not far off the mark. Because the “Hydra Pack Stow Bottle” doesn’t look all that dissimilar to a large hip flask. Even though the bottle is not made of metal but a special plastic. However, the ski wearable is unique in its composition because of the soft material of the drinking bottle. This allows the water container to be deformed or bent and stowed in a pocket as desired. This means that you don’t necessarily have to take a giant backpack with you to the slopes. Clearly, because, there is enough room for the ski gadget even in your ski jacket.

The compact solution for transporting drinks on the slopes goes like this:

HydraPak Stow Bottle

If there is no more room for the conventional hip flask, “other” liquids can be filled into the water container at any time. But everything in moderation because safety on the slopes undoubtedly comes first. What is certain, however, is that the Hydra Pack Stow Bottle is an indispensable companion for long days on the slopes. By the way, the bottle is a particularly popular snowboard gadget. For most snowboarders, a backpack is extremely annoying when riding, as it restricts mobility. Thanks to the flexible material, the Hydra Pack Stow Bottle fits in your jacket pocket. Here there is no danger of hurting yourself, as the bottle is not hard like conventional bottles made of hard plastic or metal.

LAZY’s – The ski boot becomes a running shoe

Ski boots are undoubtedly indispensable for skiing, but they are rarely comfortable. Especially when it comes to walking in the clunky and stiff ski boots. While snowboarders can walk comfortably in their boots to the lift, skiers have to drag themselves agonisingly in their ski boots towards the gondola. Both the butt and leg muscles are constantly strained by the forward lean of the ski boots. The stiff joint of the boot and the flat sole make moving around even more difficult. Taking off the ski boots and carrying them in your hand only solves the problem temporarily because the added weight of the ski boots strains the wearing comfort eventually. In addition, you have to carry street shoes with you and unfortunately putting on and taking off ski boots is not always a pleasure either.

So, it’s better to leave your boots on and use the practical “LAZY’s” ski wearable. The ski gadget is strapped under the toe of the shoe off-piste and tightened with a rubber band on the heel of the ski boot. The elevation at the front of the boot means that winter sports enthusiasts no longer have to constantly bend their knees minimally and also enables an ergonomic rolling movement. The sole of the gadget also ensures that there is no risk of slipping. Thus, the LAZY’s ski gadget ensures an upright posture when standing, as well as a more comfortable and safer gait.

The ski gadget is particularly practical, among other things because it can be folded up. Thanks to its manageable size, it can be easily stowed away or strapped to the ski pole. With LAZY’s, even wearing ski boots becomes part of the skiing pleasure.

Inflatable roof racks – the uncomplicated transport aid

The ski holiday is coming up, all the suitcases are packed, now all that’s left to do is attach the bulky roof rack to the car. This can sometimes cost time, energy, and nerves. Inflatable roof racks are supposed to solve the problem and replace the bulky and heavy roof racks of the past. The modern gadget usually consists of two load-bearing, inflatable elements that are placed on the roof from left to right. The elements are fastened with tension straps that are passed through the car’s windows. There they are then lashed down under the roof from the inside. Of course, the windows can also be closed without any problems when the roof racks are installed. Thanks to a small and lightweight product concept, the roof racks can easily be stowed in the glove compartment.

The ski gadget is assembled either thanks to a hand pump or an already integrated pump mechanism. Attaching the roof rack is uncomplicated and takes just a few minutes. The roof racks can be driven at speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour. Additionally, they even promise to hold up in icy cold conditions. Even heavy braking is no issue for the inflatable roof boxes and makes the gadget a practical transport innovation.

The inflatable roof rack sounds a bit like science fiction, but it really exists:

How to use the ShredRack Air on a 3-Door Car - step by step video instruction

“PHOOZY Thermal Phone Case” – The ultimate thermal protection for your mobile phone

Many winter holidaymakers want to enjoy nature in their spare time and put their mobile phones aside. The social media detox is supposed to contribute in many ways to optimized relaxation and switching off. But at least as many winter sports enthusiasts no longer want to do without their smartphone. Even at an altitude of over 2,000 metres. The reason is, on the one hand, communication on the mountain with fellow travellers. And on the other hand, the unique mountain panoramas that can be captured with the mobile phone camera.

The age of digital cameras is long gone because smartphones have long been able to take high-quality photos. Unfortunately, smartphones quickly lose battery power at low temperatures and give up the ghost in only a short time. The “PHOOZY Thermal Phone Case” provides a remedy for this problem and is just the right ski wearable for every amateur photographer or mobile phone maniac.

The video demonstrates how winter sports enthusiasts can protect their mobile phones on the slopes:

PHOOZY Thermal iPhone Case // Protect Your Devices from Heat/Cold + MORE! (As Seen On Shark Tank!)

The NASA spacesuit technology insulates the device at low temperatures, keeps it warm and extends the battery life. Plus, the phone case has military-grade shock protection that keeps the phone safe from drops of up to three metres. Mobile phone, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals are not affected by the waterproof PHOOZY Thermal Phone Case. This means that calls can be made without any problems and numerous photos can be taken without running the risk of the phone running out of battery sooner than usual.

“Tile Essentials Bundle” – The finder of your valuables

It happens to some people all the time, to others less frequently: losing valuables is part of everyday life for many people and invariably causes annoyance and frustration. Although in many places there are fixed places for the wallet, the mobile phone or the ski pass, the items sometimes disappear without a trace, even on a skiing holiday. The ski gadget “Tile Essentials Bundle” was invented to counteract forgetfulness. Thanks to this wearable, special stickers can be attached to or stored in the respective valuables.

Via a free mobile phone app, the stickers and thus the objects within a radius of 60 m are rung up via Bluetooth and can be found. If the radius is exceeded, the app locates the last position of the object. If the mobile phone itself is lost, the so-called “tiles” ensure that the phone is located. Valuables can be found thanks to this ski gadget even in heavy snowfall or fog.

This clip shows how the Bluetooth trackers for the smartphone work:

Which Tile Bluetooth Tracker is best? | Pro vs Mate vs Slim vs Sticker

By the way, the ski and snowboard gadgets described here make excellent gifts for keen winter sports enthusiasts. Still haven’t found the right wearable? Then you can find more creative gift tips for skiers and snowboarders here.

Ski Wearables FAQs

What are ski wearables?

Ski wearables are technologies that make life easier for winter sports enthusiasts. For example, the digital ski instructor “Carv” helps to optimize skiing behaviour using a special insole, a small tracker and an app. Another ski wearable is, for example, a neoprene floor mat that protects against contact with slush when changing in the car park.

Which ski wearables are there?

A whole variety, here is a selection: With the digital ski instructor “Carv”, winter sports enthusiasts can improve their skiing behaviour. A neoprene floor mat prevents contact with slush when changing in the car park. A Bluetooth glove lets winter sports enthusiasts make phone calls even while skiing. Shapely snowballs are possible with a snowball shaper.

What is “Carv”?

“Carv” is the name of a technology that is more or less a digital ski instructor. It consists of an insole and a small tracker. You also need the “Carv” app and headphones. While skiing, “Carv” analyses the skiing behaviour and gives tips for optimization.

How much does “Carv” cost?

The cost of two insoles and two trackers is around 225 euros.

What is analysed by “Carv” while skiing?

48 sensors placed on an insole less than 1 mm thick measure, among other things, body posture, weight distribution in the boot, edge pressure and more. In this way, the technique of the person skiing is analysed and evaluated afterwards so that suggestions for improvement can be made.

How can I prepare my skis on my own?

With the “Waxing Kit”, skiers and snowboarders can prepare and maintain their equipment independently. The package includes basic tools for material care such as metal scrapers, white and black P-Tex sticks, polishing pads as well as brass brushes for quick waxing and elementary base repairs.

Which ski gloves can be used to operate a smartphone?

There are numerous gloves that have special materials sewn onto the fingertips so that the smartphone can also be operated through the gloves. The “Rally Gloves”, for example, are touchscreen-compatible and supple enough to operate mobile phones without any problems. In addition to this function, they are also waterproof, have a zip for hand warmers and a removable inner lining.

How can I avoid “bulging” of my coat during a ski tour?

To prevent the fur from “pilling up”, you can use fur wax. This is simply smeared over the skin so that the snow no longer sticks to it.

Which container is used to carry water on the slopes?

The “Hydra Pack Stow Bottle” is a unique bottle in terms of its composition. The material of the drinking bottle allows the water container to be folded up and stored as desired. This means that there is no need for an extra backpack, as the container can also be easily stowed in a jacket pocket.

How can walking in ski boots become more comfortable?

Thanks to LAZY’s, the way to the lift becomes a pleasure. The gadget is strapped under the toe of the boot off-piste and enables an ergonomic rolling movement. The gadget’s sole also ensures that there is no risk of slipping.

What is the advantage of inflatable roof racks?

Thanks to a small and lightweight product concept, inflatable roof racks can easily be stowed in the glove compartment and are uncomplicated to set up without taking much time.

How do I prevent my mobile phone from losing its battery in low temperatures?

With the help of the “PHOOZY Thermal Phone Case”, the phone battery can be prevented from draining quickly in low temperatures. The case’s NASA spacesuit technology insulates the device at low temperatures and extends battery life. In addition, the phone case has military-grade shock protection that protects the phone from drops of up to three metres.

What can prevent items from getting lost?

With the Tile Essentials Bundle, stickers can be attached to or stored inside valuables. Thanks to a mobile phone app, the items within a radius of 60 metres are rung via Bluetooth and can then be found. If the radius is too large, the app locates the last location of the item.

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