Skiing with a handicap

01/12/2013 - Selina Sauerland

Approximately 20% of Great Britain’s population lives with a handicap. Not all of these people live with bodily disabilities, but especially these people don’t have to be confined to wheelchairs and crutches when wanting to enjoy sporty activities. As often seen on television the summer Paralympics show that many professionals use prosthesis to mobilise themselves. The same applies to winter sports. By producing customised equipment, e.g. skis with adapters for prosthesis or seats with hand-steering, disabled people have the possibility to enjoy winter sports holidays on the pistes. Some ski equipment producers specialise only on such products, e.g. the French company Tessier.

But not only the question of which equipment plays a major role in deciding on a ski holiday with disabled people. It is also highly important to find a resort which is easily accessible and provides accommodation which is suitable to navigate with a wheelchair or crutches and according skiing equipment. Some ski resorts actually promote their services online and offer assistance with finding equipment, lessons and accommodations which fit to these specific needs. The resort Les Menuires, for instance, in the region “Trois Vallées” in France, provides information on their website and offers contact numbers and websites of the local ski schools which offer ski tutors with experience in disabled skiing and local transport services which wheelchair facilities. To find out if other resorts are suitable for disabled people, a call to the local Tourism Office is always a good idea.

Over and above that, there also a number of Internet pages which provide important information on how to go about organising a ski holiday with handicapped travellers. A private foundation named Ski2Freedom offers such advice on their web page. They also provide the possibility to enquire for personal advice by contacting them directly.

All in all, by finding the right people to contact and the best places to look, organising such a holiday, either in a group or individually is not as difficult as it may seem any more.


  • Saturday, 12. January 2013
  • author: Selina Sauerland
  • category: Equipment
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