What to look out for when buying snowboards? – 7 tips for buying a snowboard

05/06/2024 - SnowTrex

Whether on the perfectly groomed piste, in the perfectly shaped snow park or in soft deep snow – there is a suitable snowboard for every terrain on the mountain. But that’s exactly what makes buying a snowboard not always easy. And so winter sports enthusiasts in search of the right equipment quickly ask themselves questions: Which snowboard is the best individual solution? Should it be a new or a second-hand board? And where can you actually buy or hire all the equipment you need for the piste? SnowTrex answers these questions and gives 7 tips for buying a snowboard.

Snowboards are available to buy in almost all shapes and colours

1. The snowboard material is crucial

The first step before buying or hiring complete snowboarding equipment should be for every winter sports enthusiast to realise exactly which board they need in the snow. After all, choosing the right snowboard material is crucial. Your own ability and the right judgement play an important role here. Going on the piste with a race board, for example, makes no sense for beginners.

In this case, an all-mountain snowboard is the right choice. These snowboards are so popular because – as the name suggests – they are actually at home on the mountain in any terrain. Thanks to their flexible material, they forgive riding errors more quickly and are therefore the ideal partner for amateur snowboarders carving their first tracks in the snow. These boards are usually offered as so-called “directional twins”. This means that the board has exactly the same shape at the front and back, but the bindings are offset to the rear. This gives the rider better directional control on the piste and off-piste.

Snowboard modelSnowboard LevelTerrain
All mountain snowboardsBeginners & hobby snowboardersPiste & terrain/off-piste
Freestyle snowboardsSnowpark & board trick fansPiste & Snowpark
Freeride snowboardsDeep snow & off-road skiersTerrain/off-piste
RaceboardsVery sporty snowboarders & expertsPiste

For experts, on the other hand, who want to conjure up spectacular tricks in the snow in the snow park on artificial obstacles or off-piste on natural obstacles, there is no way around a freestyle snowboard. The special thing about these boards is their shape, the twin shape, which makes them 100 per cent symmetrical. This means that both the front section (nose) and the rear section (tail) have the same shape and the mounting holes for the bindings are in exactly the same place on both halves of the board. This means that the snowboard can be ridden forwards as well as backwards or “switch”. To cushion jumps better, they also tend to be softer, but shorter overall. As a result, they are less forgiving of riding errors and are therefore more suitable for experienced snowboarders.

Professionals ride freeride snowboards and raceboards

Deep snow is also by far the area where winter sports enthusiasts feel most comfortable on freeride snowboards. Connoisseurs don’t want to miss out on these boards, which offer optimum flotation in soft powder thanks to their length, narrower tail and wider nose – the so-called “directional shape”. Offsetting the rear binding to the rear allows the rider to shift their weight back better, thereby lifting the front in deep snow and generating even more lift. Like raceboards, deep snow boards are also suitable for riding on the piste. The latter are designed entirely for speed due to their length, the strong waist in the centre for snowboards and the hard construction. The nose is also flatter, which makes the professional boards more aerodynamic and therefore even faster.

2. Price research before buying a snowboard

For winter sports enthusiasts, buying a snowboard is always about saving money. It is worth thinking about which snowboard material is suitable. The question of the terrain in which the board is to be used and an honest assessment of your own ability should also be taken into account. After all, the price of the board also depends largely on these two points. A major advantage of this approach: Winter sports enthusiasts can see almost immediately which price category the snowboard of their choice is in. The cost of the overall package is also clearly determined by the model, the manufacturer and the year of manufacture.

The experts give further tips on buying a snowboard in the following video:

The Ultimate Snowboard Buyers Guide

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If a snowboard has been on the market for a year or two and not just since the current season, the following procedure is worthwhile: Instead of going straight for a supposed bargain, winter sports enthusiasts should ask their trusted specialist shop how high the new price actually was when it was launched. On this basis, it is then easy to estimate the extent to which the current price – whether on site or in the online shop – is justified or somewhat overpriced for your new favourite board.

3. How used snowboard equipment works

Before hitting the slopes on a snowboard, winter sports enthusiasts should make sure that their equipment is perfectly prepared. Even minor damage to the edges, running surface or bindings can be a safety risk on the mountain. The first choice in terms of quality should therefore always be brand-new snowboards from reputable manufacturers. However, this does not mean that used boards, for example, are an absolute no-go for winter sports enthusiasts – on the contrary! Here in particular, you can often find real bargains. However, caution is advised with online sellers, especially with offers from private individuals, for example on classified ad portals. These adverts are usually not checked. The situation is different with verified online shops that sell used snowboard equipment as well as new equipment for the piste. Here, the customer can be sure that an impeccable quality standard is maintained.

If the snowboard, whether new or used, runs properly on the piste, then winter sports enthusiasts are happy

If you prefer to buy your snowboard from a specialist retailer around the corner or in another sports shop directly in the ski resort rather than online, you don’t usually have to worry about a lack of quality there either. This is because the shops buy used snowboard equipment and pass it on to their employees. They then take care of the base, edges and bindings of the snowboards and finally make the sports equipment ready for sale. The advantage: the quality of the boards can compete with brand new ones – and usually at much more favourable purchase prices.

4. Many snowboards are also available online

An almost unlimited choice is one of the advantages of the internet when buying snowboard equipment. This selection is available to customers at any time of day or night with just a few clicks of the mouse. However, in view of the wide range on offer, there is a danger that winter sports enthusiasts can easily lose track of what they are looking for. It is therefore advisable to follow a few guidelines. The ultimate expertise when buying snowboards online undoubtedly lies with the manufacturers themselves, who sell their latest products via their own web shops. Here, the customer can be sure of always getting the latest material, albeit often at tight prices. After all, state-of-the-art materials and technologies have their price. A new snowboard can cost up to 600 euros, while entry-level models are available for as little as 300 euros.

Snowboarders can get away a little cheaper with the well-known sporting goods chains. These often offer both the latest models and boards from previous winter seasons in their online shops. If, despite this variety, there is still some uncertainty, it is advisable to refer to test reports from independent consumer organisations, for example, in order to narrow down the selection for your personal snowboard purchase. When buying snowboards online, it should be noted that the selection is large and the corresponding models are available in almost all sizes. However, some boards are not always immediately available. It is therefore advisable to make sure that longer waiting times do not clash with your planned winter holiday. After all, nothing is more annoying than if the long-awaited snowboard is only delivered when the new owner has already arrived at the ski resort.

5. To buy a snowboard from a specialist dealer

The range offered by local specialist retailers in the ski resorts is somewhat more compact. After all, the storage capacities of the sports shops, which also offer other equipment such as snowboard boots, snowboard clothing and bindings in addition to snowboards, quickly reach their limits. Despite these limitations, snow enthusiasts can be sure that some of the items presented by retailers in their shops are specially tailored to the respective ski area. This expertise is reflected in the composition of the product range. For example, in particularly family-friendly ski resorts with predominantly easier slopes, there are more entry-level models such as versatile all-mountain snowboards or children’s snowboards on offer. The situation is different in sports shops located in ski resorts that are known for challenging deep snow runs or spectacular snow parks. There, more sporty products such as freestyle or freeride snowboards are likely to dominate the range for customers.

Snowboards that can be bought in specialist shops in ski resorts are usually tailored directly to the local piste conditions

6. Personal advice when buying a snowboard

The anticipation of a long day on the piste is considerably dampened if you don’t have the right snowboard equipment. In order to avoid this frustration from the outset, the staff at specialist shops are on hand to provide their customers with comprehensive support when buying a snowboard. In personal consultations, they can specifically sort out boards that do not match the individual ability or the preferred terrain conditions of the winter sports enthusiast. Fitting under expert guidance also offers the opportunity to give feedback on whether the snowboard boot fits the binding, for example. Questions such as the correct fit of boots and bindings or any scratches and signs of wear on the newly purchased equipment can also be addressed directly. The specialist shops have trained staff who can provide quick solutions for adjustments and complaints.

After providing advice and deciding on a particular snowboard, many specialist shops in the ski resorts even allow you to test the hire equipment directly on the piste. If the winter sports enthusiast finally buys the selected board after this test phase, the hire costs that would have been incurred during this time are deducted from the purchase price. So nothing stands in the way of unlimited snowboarding fun in the midst of a breathtaking mountain world.

7. Trust the tips of the snowboard experts

When snowboarding, safety is the be-all and end-all for a carefree day on the piste. In order to fulfil this basic requirement for winter sports enthusiasts on the board, the rest of the snowboard equipment must be perfectly matched to the rider as well as the right snowboard. You can adjust your boots and bindings yourself in a few simple steps, but if you want to be on the safe side, you should seek the help of board specialists in the ski resort. After all, the specialist staff within sight of the piste have the opportunity to weigh winter sports enthusiasts in the sports shop or measure their feet. This data can be used to optimise the fit between snowboard boots and snowboard bindings, similar to skiing. In addition, the experts can also give the board the proverbial finishing touches on the edges and provide further valuable tips on how to use your own snowboard equipment.

Ambitious hobby snowboarders who don’t want to leave the care and preparation of their equipment in someone else’s hands can also wax their board themselves. The following video shows how to do this:

How to Wax a Snowboard

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FAQ on buying a snowboard

What do I need to consider before buying a snowboard?

Before buying a snowboard, winter sports enthusiasts should think carefully about where they want to use it and whether their abilities match the chosen terrain. Unlike all-mountain snowboards, raceboards are not suitable for beginners. Freeride snowboards, on the other hand, glide wonderfully through powder snow and freestyle snowboards are the right choice for the best tricks in the snow park.

Is it worth buying used snowboards?

Compared to brand new snowboards, used models are much cheaper to buy. When buying from trustworthy online shops or local specialist retailers, the buyer can be sure that the snowboard material has been thoroughly overhauled and is in almost “as new” condition.

What are the advantages of buying a snowboard directly from the ski resort?

Buying snowboards in local specialist shops has many advantages. First and foremost, dealers in ski resorts can provide customers with personalised advice, which makes it easier to choose the right board. In addition, staff can customise safety-relevant parts of the snowboard equipment such as snowboard boots and bindings directly to the needs of winter sports enthusiasts.

Is it advisable to buy a snowboard online?

Online shops usually score points with an almost unbeatably large selection of available snowboards. However, this huge range can be overwhelming at first glance without personal advice. To get an overview, customers can refer to tests from consumer portals, among other things. When buying snowboards online, winter sports enthusiasts should also pay particular attention to delivery times.

How much does a snowboard cost?

As a rule, high-quality yet affordable snowboards cost around 300 euros. Snowboard models from renowned manufacturers that have been developed for very experienced riders, on the other hand, can reach prices of up to 600 euros and more.

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