What do I do with old skis and snowboards?

02/04/2023 - SnowTrex

Every winter sports enthusiast dreams of having their own equipment that is optimally suited to their own body and level and that makes it easy to spontaneously explore the nearest ski slopes for a weekend. Unfortunately, skis, snowboards, the appropriate boots and poles all get old at some point and need to be replaced with new equipment. But what to do with the old equipment that might even still be good? SnowTrex knows four ways to prevent throwing away ski and snowboard equipment.

What do I do with old skis and snowboards?

Selling: Finding new owners for those old piste favourites

The option that probably pops into most people’s heads first is to find a new owner for their old favourites. Nowadays, you don’t have to visit flea markets or ski bazaars to do this. Although these are still very good options, you can also simply put the equipment on the internet and wait on Ebay and the like for someone to get in touch who is happy about the treasures. It’s the best way to get rid of your old equipment and earn some money at the same time, which you can invest in your next pair of skis or snowboard.

Some ski shops even offer to take the old equipment when you buy new equipment and either recycle it or dispose of it for their customers. This way, you don’t have to take care of it yourself and can get straight to work on your new sporty purchase.

Give it away: make others happy

What should you do if your old equipment is still good, but you have already fallen in love with new skis or a new snowboard? Throw them away and then have a guilty conscience? Or would you rather make someone else happy?

There is always a place for a pair of skis under the Christmas tree.

Many opt for the latter and use the favour of the hour to give away their equipment at Christmas, for example. Whether within the family, i.e. from one sibling to another, from mother to daughter, from uncle to nephew or within the circle of friends – the winter gift usually brings a lot of joy. In addition, one’s own fascination for winter sports can also be passed on to friends by giving the ski or snowboard equipment as a gift, thus creating a new shared hobby.

Recycle: Turn old into new

A very sustainable, style-conscious and also modern method that winter sports fans opt for is to repurpose old equipment into furniture or other utilitarian items.

For example, you can turn individual skis or snowboards into any kind of furnishing item such as picture frames, wine racks or ceiling lamps. If you have accumulated more ski material over the past decades, you can also upcycle it into large pieces of furniture such as benches, chairs, tables, stools or shelves.

And if friends and family also have old skis and snowboards to spare, the material can even be enough for a colourful fence, where every single slat can tell at least one exciting ski story.

With innovative ideas and a little craftsmanship, you can repurpose and reinvent everything you once used on the ski slopes. Together with old skis, bindings become coat hooks and stylish bottle openers, short fun carvers become firewood racks and helmets become new lampshades.

What’s more, the processed pieces don’t necessarily have to have a wintry style in the end. Ski poles, for example, can be turned into lamp stands that, sprayed with a little paint, often give no hint at all of their unusual origins.

Decorate: Embellishing your own four walls

Those who found their last skis, snowboard or, say, sticks particularly beautiful can also use them to decorate their home.

Unprocessed wooden skis from grandparents, for example, look good when mounted decoratively on walls. The same works with colourful and more modern ski boards, which can provide a little more colour in the four walls at home.

And also outside, for example in the garden, the companions of the alpine ski slopes prove to be decorative eye-catchers. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the weather resistance of your decoration in this case. You can convert them and use them as you wish.

Ski decorations are particularly suitable for houses with wooden elements.

One way to make them blend in with nature and look less harsh, for example, is to make flower pots or cut sticks out of your old ski boots. Attached to a wooden board or a ski, this creates a wind chime into which the air current blows, creating pleasant sounds.

FAQs about old skis and snowboards

What can I do with old skis and snowboards?

Old ski equipment can be used in many ways if it is no longer suitable for you. For example, it can be sold or given away to others as a gift. Or it can be repurposed as a piece of furniture or decoration.

When can I still sell or give away my old ski equipment?

The condition of skis and snowboards depends on many different factors. Therefore, there are no fixed standards that say whether the equipment is still suitable for the slopes or not. However, in order to get information about the condition of the equipment, it can help to have it checked in a sports shop. This usually tells you whether the equipment can be sold or given away with a clear conscience.

Where can I find inspiration for upcycling my ski equipment?

If you need inspiration to decide what to make out of the old ski materials or need even more pictorial input, you can type in terms like “ski decor” or “ski furniture” into any search engine and be motivated by lots of good ideas as a result.

Where to find old skis?

If you don’t have any skis yourself or not enough to build a bench, for example, you can ask family and friends if they happen to have some old skis in the cellar. Otherwise, creative ski fans can also turn to ski rentals and save old material from the trash.

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