Love on the Piste – Flirting on a Ski Holiday

14/06/2021 - SnowTrex

For many, a holiday flirtation or even a sweet romance is the icing on the cake of a perfectly garnished ski holiday. Snow-covered mountains and the romantic Alpine glow simply provide the ideal backdrop. When it’s snowing and unwelcoming outside, sitting by the fireplace at the hotel bar or in your apartment becomes all the more enjoyable.

Flirting in the mountains: simply romantic.

During the journey

Those who travel to the mountains by public transport have a clear advantage when it comes to flirting on a ski holiday. The bus is often filled with singles and small groups who share similar interests and, above all, the same destination – you can quickly strike up a conversation. If you are travelling by train, the elongated ski luggage under your arm immediately reveals your passion and where you are going. If you get off or on the train with all your luggage, you’re sure to find a friendly helper who can show you their best side.

Contact via apps

For winter sports fans who don’t like to explore the pistes alone, making contact via apps such as “Spontacts” is very easy. Through such services, skiers can easily arrange to meet via smartphone in order to go skiing together, have lunch on the piste or go out for some après ski. Whether it will ultimately turn out to be true love remains to be seen. One thing is certain, however: you won’t have to ski up and down the mountains alone, and that’s definitely worth it.

It’s much nicer to be on the piste together.

In the ski lift

The time spent queuing for the lift can be used to look around for the candidate of your choice. Dense crowds can be a welcome opportunity to “accidentally” bump into someone – and strike up a conversation. If you manage to get a seat in the gondola or lift next to your chosen one, the ride up the mountain offers enough time for a nice conversation. Nowadays, flirting in the lift is more like speed dating – after all, modern chair lifts travel up the mountain at top speed in just a few minutes. A good tip: if things get awkward, the journey up the mountain together can be brought to a quick and predictable end. Nevertheless, the chair lift is the best way to exchange the first few sentences undisturbed. And, if you’re interested, you can repeat the descent and the lift ride together.

The chair lift invites you to chat and flirt.

Also good for flirting is the 2-person tow lift. It’s even been said that the anchor lift was only invented for flirting on ski holidays. A good example of such tow lifts is the one at Elsigenalp in Frutigen, Switzerland. There, on a board at the lift entrance, you’ll find various flirting suggestions for the 10-minute ascent.

At ski school

Ski instructors are considered by many to be quite attractive with their stylish suits and perfect parallel turns. However, the other participants in a ski course can also be quite interesting – and are also more approachable than the instructor. You can have a laugh together about your own inability to ski and review the course over lunch or dinner for two.

Meet people with whom you can laugh about mishaps and rejoice in progress.

Pit stop in a hut

At lunchtime, all hungry winter sports fans usually stop in at a hut. It’s worth it if you can find a cosy spot in the sun from which you can risk a glance to the right and left. In order to actively flirt and make intense eye contact on your ski holiday, it is advisable to take off your sunglasses.

Piste outfit

Whether you’re queuing for the lift or on the piste, to stand out from the crowd, it’s a good idea to add a few touches to your winter outfit. You don’t have to buy the latest ski jacket, it’s enough to conjure up an eye-catching accessory like a scarf or hat from your suitcase or an unusual motif on your snowboard. Conversely, if you spot someone with an extravagant piece of clothing that is also attractive, you have the ideal hook to appeal to them.

On the piste

Even a small slip-up on the slopes can be cause for flirting. If you miscalculate while stopping and gently ram into your flirting victim, you can make up for it with a Jagertee, a hot cocoa or a ski water in the best case scenario. Anyone who ventures onto a black run puts themselves in a dangerous situation. Adrenalin is released, which sometimes leads to courageous behaviour. Above all, the need for help gives rise to the possibility of being approached, whether as a helper or as someone in need of help. For example, after a fall or when hesitantly eyeing the descent, sentences such as “The slope is incredibly difficult, should I ski down with you?” or “I must have taken on too much, can you ski down together with me?” Once you’re down in the valley, you’ve “gotten through” a difficult situation together, which already brings you a bit closer together. This would be a good time to invite people to après ski.

Difficult situations on the slopes can best be overcome together.

During après ski

The relaxed atmosphere during après ski at the umbrella bar makes it much easier to get to know each other. A drink, swaying together – you’re instantly in conversation. At hot après ski parties, the alcohol even flows in streams. That lets some inhibitions fall, making you feel liberated and brave. Après ski hits are played and sometimes sung along at the top of one’s voice – the song lyrics or the behaviour of other guests are good starting points for flirting on a ski holiday. In addition to the usual après ski programme, many ski areas also offer alternative activities, such as night tobogganing or ice skating. Precisely because you get off the toboggan run every now and then here, the fun factor is extremely high.

The evening programme is a great way to toast together and look deep into each other’s eyes.
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