10 Good Winter Sports Resolutions for the New Year

20/12/2019 - SnowTrex

The end of the year is the time for critical self-evaluation. “What do I want to achieve this year?” “What can I do better?” As far as winter sports are concerned, the focus can also be on goals: you can, for example, plan to collect even more snow days. SnowTrex has put together a list of some of the little things that are worth remembering. Here are 10 good resolutions:

Let’s ring in the New Year!

1. Wear a Helmet!

Children up to the age of 14 are already required to wear helmets in several Alpine countries. Just to set an example, adults should always wear a helmet when skiing. More and more ski professionals, such as ski racer Felix Neureuther, are calling on people to wear helmets. Nowadays, the selection of helmet models is huge, which means that everyone can find the right head protection.

2. Exercise More!

Arguably the most frequently made “good resolution”: exercise more. Getting fit again is good for your health, but above all, a safety guarantee for mountain sports. Strong legs, a strong back and quick reactions are important factors for accident-free skiing. So get on your bike, put on your running shoes or go to the gym. Even 15 minutes of exercise a day can work wonders.

3. Learn to Carve Properly

Old school skiers have learned the accurate parallel turn. Since the carving revolution and rocker skis, however, sporty carving has been the order of the day. If you can ski, you think you’re on the expert side, but be careful – it’s not as easy as it looks. You have to learn to carve properly. For experienced skiers, a day or weekend course is really worthwhile.

Good carving has to be learned.

4. Try out the Snowpark

Let’s say you’re not a snowboarding maniac who spends the whole day in the fun park. In that case, the area with kickers and other obstacles is practically an off-limits area of fear that screams for pain and embarrassment. However, it doesn’t have to be! A wide box or a low kicker are feasible even for beginners, and once you’ve made your way over it, a liberating feeling of achievement sinks in.

Whoever skies safely on the slopes can also contemplate visiting the snowpark.

5. Get Back to Skiing

There are skiers who switched to the “much cooler” snowboard at a young age. Some of these people come to the idea at some point in their late 20s to get their skis out of the cellar. Usually, the power of habit is greater, and you don’t do it. But it should be said: Skiing is fun too! It will be a great experience to once again feel two boards instead of one beneath your feet, and if the car is big enough, the board can still travel with you.

6. Ski Holidays with Friends

It’s often been thought about, but somehow it never really happens: Finally going to the mountains with a group of friends and having a great time. Why do you do it so rarely? It’s so easy! Group holidays in apartments, in places such as France, for example, are very affordable and in some ski areas, skiing is possible almost all year round. For those with little time and money, day trips are a good alternative.

Why not go on a ski holiday with a few friends?

7. Visit an Avalanche Course

Anyone who travels off-piste a lot and through unsecured terrain must always be well informed about the risks and prepared for dangerous situations. If this has not happened yet, it is high time for an avalanche course. Even for those who do not constantly venture into deep snow, this kind of training is interesting and instructive. Even a refresher course for advanced skiers is never wrong. So off to the avalanche transceiver search field!

8. Discover Exotic Ski Areas

Skiing in South Africa, Hawaii or Japan? Yes, you can! It’s hard to believe, but these destinations have attractive ski areas. Once you’ve tested the slopes against a completely new backdrop, it’s a very special kind of skiing experience. So let’s go to Honshu and Hokkaido, Mauna Kea or Matroosberg and Tiffindell.

9. Consume Less Alcohol During Après Ski

A classic that can also be transferred to all other areas of life: drink less alcohol and look after your health at the same time. Après ski in particular should be kept in mind in this respect, especially if you have to ski down into the valley afterwards.

10. Don’t Make Any Good Resolutions

This resolution is also a classic one – although it is quite ironic. However, if you look at the proposals mentioned here, you would like to stick to your intentions, wouldn’t you?

Winter Sports Resolutions from Trexpert Felix Neureuther

“I plan to be active, chase every snowflake and consciously experience every activity in the snow. If you are standing on top of the mountain, you should consciously appreciate and enjoy every turn and every descent. Skiing is such a wonderful sport – you should always keep that in mind”.

With this in mind, SnowTrex wishes all winter sports fans a great start into the New Year!

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