Practical ski apps for winter sports enthusiasts

18/12/2023 - SnowTrex

Nowadays, nobody goes on the piste without a smartphone. After all, everyone wants to share the best snapshot of the day’s descent or the video of the most spectacular trick in the fun park with their friends on Instagram or in the WhatsApp group. Thanks to well-developed mobile phone networks in the mountains and free Wi-Fi hotspots in many ski resorts, you are actually always “online” with your mobile phone on the slopes. There are also countless apps for skiing in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, which make everyday life on the piste easier for winter sports enthusiasts and offer a wide range of services. Reason enough for SnowTrex to present these useful ski apps.

There are now also many practical ski apps for the piste.

Ski resort information – Everything at a glance

According to the developers, the digital tool from is the most comprehensive ski app on the market. It offers winter sports enthusiasts many useful functions and provides detailed information on 6,000 ski resorts worldwide, including snow depths, piste conditions, lift status and weather forecasts. Interactive piste maps can also be called up and webcams with live images can be viewed. In addition, offers skiers and snowboarders a quick overview of the available lifts, cable cars and pistes in the ski resort they are currently in on their smartphone. And finally, winter sports enthusiasts can also use the app to rate ski resorts, leave comments and share their experiences with other users.

Bergfex – live images from the ski area

As the name suggests, “bergfex: Ski, Snow & Weather” offers winter sports enthusiasts extensive detailed information on ski resorts all over the world. The app uses live data to quickly answer questions about how much snow there is in my favourite ski resort. Or which lifts and pistes are open based on interactive piste maps. In addition, “bergfex” offers an integrated ski route planner that allows users to create customised routes according to their ability and preferences. Once off the piste, a ski diary can also be kept in the app, in which achievements can be recorded and statistics retrieved. And for those who want to increase their anticipation of their time in the snow a few days before setting off with a direct view from home, over 6,000 webcams in the app provide live images from the ski area.

CheckYeti – Book a ski school or ski instructor

CheckYeti is an online booking platform that offers an app specially developed for skiers with many useful functions. With the app, skiers can easily find and book ski schools, guides and activities in numerous ski resorts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France. Detailed information about the services on offer, the qualifications of the guides and the prices are displayed directly. Skiers can also read reviews and feedback from other users in the app. CheckYeti also enables direct communication with the ski schools and guides to ask questions or discuss special requirements before the booking can be finalised using the app’s integrated payment function.

Booking children’s ski lessons via the ski app – possible with CheckYeti.


OpenSnow – Snow experts for North America

The OpenSnow app is an indispensable tool for all winter sports enthusiasts looking for the best skiing conditions in North America. With detailed snow forecasts, current snow depths and weather conditions, the app is the perfect companion for planning the best ski trips. It provides precise information on snowfall, snow quality and the current avalanche risk. A special highlight are the expert analyses and recommendations from experienced skiers and snow experts, who provide valuable tips and insights into the slopes in the USA and Canada. Winter sports enthusiasts can also save their favourite ski resorts in the OpenSnow app so that they are always up to date via push notifications on their smartphone.

Snow forecast – weather information from experts

Snow-Forecast is a popular weather service for winter sports enthusiasts all over the world. Its app provides skiers and snowboarders with snow forecasts, sometimes down to the second, so that they can plan their adventures on the slopes in the best possible way. Whether snow depths, weather conditions or piste conditions, the useful tool delivers all relevant weather information directly to your smartphone. The Snow Forecast app also offers additional functions such as webcam images, interactive snow maps and expert analyses. This means that winter sports enthusiasts can find out about the current conditions virtually live, so that nothing stands in the way of a successful skiing experience.

Windy – Protects you from stormy times

With the digital assistant from Windy, winter sports enthusiasts are able to check the wind conditions in real time directly on their smartphone. The app provides comprehensive information on wind speed, wind direction and other weather data such as temperature and humidity. This is particularly important in winter for activities such as paragliding, snowkiting and speedriding, but also for skiing. The wind conditions can also be visualised using interactive maps and graphics. Thanks to the forecasts in the Windy app, skiers can also plan their days on the piste for the next few days in advance.

White Risk & SnowSafe – The best avalanche warning systems

The “White Risk” and “SnowSafe” apps have been specially developed for skiers, ski tourers and freeriders. They offer many useful functions and also act as an avalanche warning system offline. “White Risk”, for example, provides real-time information on avalanche danger, snow conditions and weather forecasts, all supplied by the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Davos. The app also contains detailed maps with marked danger spots and allows you to plan your own routes.

“SnowSafe” also provides comprehensive safety information for winter sports enthusiasts, including piste rules, first aid tips and emergency contacts, in Austrian ski resorts. The app also allows users to share their location. This means that help is always quickly on hand in an emergency. Both apps therefore provide important information for skiers to ensure their safety and make informed decisions on the mountain. They are therefore indispensable companions for every winter sports enthusiast who wants to enjoy a safe day on the piste.

Piste check via ski app – in the middle of the ski resort.


iSKI – The app for the perfect ski season

The iSKI app is a technical helper for skiers and snowboarders with many useful functions. With real-time information on weather, snow depth, slope conditions and lift operations, users are always up to date with their smartphone and can plan their runs accordingly. The interactive map in the app also shows skiers their position on the slopes as well as lifts, restaurants and other facilities in the ski area, making it easier for them to find their way around – especially in unfamiliar surroundings. ISKi also uses ski line tracking to record the distance travelled, altitude and speed of winter sports enthusiasts, making it possible to call up statistics and compare them with others.

Another practical feature of the iSKI app: it uses push notifications to inform the user about important events in the selected ski area, such as fresh snow, changes in piste conditions, special ski pass offers or similar. The winter sports all-rounder on the smartphone even has its own route planner, which can be used to plan the descents, including information on difficulty level, piste length and altitude metres, before the start of the ski day. The app also offers an integrated social network where skiers can share their experiences and network with other users. This makes the iSKI app an indispensable tool for skiers who want to optimise their tours, improve their performance and enjoy interacting with the ski community.

Skiline – All piste data at a glance

Winter sports enthusiasts who have installed the Skiline app on their smartphone can use it to track their performance on the piste. Skiers and snowboarders can use the app to record detailed statistics on the distance travelled, altitude, speed and lift rides. Users can then also save their skiing days and track their progress throughout the season. The smartphone tool can also be used to create impressive ski line videos to record your own journey on the piste. And if that’s not enough functionality for you, the Skiline app also provides additional information about the ski resort. This includes open lifts and pistes, current weather conditions and events.

Strava – track your days on the piste with your smartwatch

The Strava app is an absolute must-have for skiers and snowboarders who want to record their activities during a long day on the piste and don’t want to do without wearables such as smartwatches. In the app, winter sports enthusiasts can initially record detailed statistics on distances covered, altitude metres, speed and much more. They can also set themselves individual training goals and track their progress over time. GPS tracking can then be used to analyse the exact route and your own performance. Another practical feature is the community function, which allows users to exchange ideas with like-minded people and share activities. Last but not least, the app is compatible with various wearables such as smartwatches and other fitness devices thanks to a seamless pairing function.

Maps & Freeride

Fatmap – route planner for deep snow fans

The Fatmap app provides access to detailed 3D maps of ski resorts and mountain regions. This makes it a must-have for all winter sports enthusiasts. It provides information on pistes, lifts, huts and terrain. This allows you to plan a detailed route to explore a wide variety of slopes and freeride areas. The live tracking function integrated into the app also allows skiers and snowboarders to track their activities in deep snow in real time on their smartphone using recorded speed, altitude and distance data. There is also a community area where winter sports enthusiasts can post their experiences and exchange ideas with other athletes.

Google Maps timeline – counting kilometres on the slopes

The “Google Maps Timeline” feature offers skiers a practical way to track their activities on the piste. By activating the timeline in the Google Maps app, the location data is automatically recorded while skiing. The result is a detailed record of the distance travelled, the difference in altitude and the speed. In addition, skiers can display their activities on the map and call up important information as well as the start and finish points of descents. The timeline function also allows personal notes, photos and reminders to be added to each day’s skiing.

Ortovox mountain tours – safe off-piste skiing

The “Ortovox Bergtouren” app is an indispensable companion for mountain sports enthusiasts, especially in winter. It offers extensive functions for planning and organising ski tours. With detailed route information, real-time weather data and live tracking, it creates a safe and well-planned route in digital form. In an emergency, users can even make an emergency call via the app and receive important first aid information. The app also offers a community function for exchanging information with other ski tourers.

PeakFinder – Recognise mountains

PeakFinder is an app that makes it possible to identify more than 1,000,000 mountains and peaks worldwide and retrieve information about them. The app uses the smartphone’s camera and GPS system to create a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape. With the help of augmented reality, the names and heights of the mountains are then shown directly on the display. PeakFinder also provides detailed information on the mountain names, their altitude and the current distance to the summit. And best of all, the app also works offline, for example in remote areas without an internet connection. What’s more, locations on the piste can be saved and shared with others via a share function.

You don’t need an app to recognise this world-famous mountain. For all other mountains, however, there is a handy digital tool.

Videos & photos

GoPro Quik – Manage & share videos

With the Quik app from GoPro, winter sports enthusiasts can summarise their skiing days in breathtaking films. The automatic video editing function selects the best moments in the raw footage and creates fantastic clips. In addition, titles, transitions and filters can be added to further personalise the videos. The app also offers an extensive music library to provide atmospheric background music for the action camera recordings. And best of all: GoPro videos can be automatically imported into the app and then immediately edited there. The video masterpieces from the piste can then be shared directly from the app on social media platforms such as Instagram.

GoPro presents its Quick App in this trailer:

GoPro: Introducing Quik | Curate, Create, Relive

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FAQ about ski apps and mobile phones when skiing

Where to put your mobile phone when skiing?

In addition to moisture, electronic devices must also be protected from the cold. When skiing, the mobile phone should therefore always be “stored” in a warm and preferably dry place. It is therefore advisable to store your smartphone close to your body, preferably in an inside pocket of your ski jacket, before you hit the piste. Winter sports enthusiasts are also well advised to put their mobile phone in a case, preferably made of neoprene, plastic or wool. This will keep your smartphone warm and also protect it from knocks.

Which weather apps are suitable for skiers?

There are various weather apps for skiers. The most popular are Bergfex, Snow-Forecast and Skiresort. Bergfex offers detailed weather forecasts for mountain regions. Snow-Forecast, on the other hand, offers comprehensive, worldwide snow forecasts and Skiresort provides information about the weather, piste conditions and more. The Windy app and Open Snow are also useful. While Windy displays the latest wind information, Open Snow focuses on ski resorts in North America and offers precise snow forecasts and information on piste conditions for these locations.

Do skiers abroad need a new SIM card?

If you’re skiing abroad, you don’t usually need a new SIM card. Most mobile phone providers offer international roaming so that your mobile phone can also be used abroad. Calls, text messages and mobile internet can be used as usual. However, roaming charges apply outside the EU. If this is too expensive for you, you can alternatively use Wi-Fi hotspots in the ski resorts to surf the internet and communicate at low cost.

Can smartwatches track skiing activity?

Yes, smartwatches can track skiing activity. They are equipped with sensors that record movements, speed, differences in altitude and much more. With special ski modes and apps, they can record data such as distance, speed and calories burned. However, the accuracy depends on various factors such as the quality of the sensors and the wearing position.

Are winter sports enthusiasts allowed to use their mobile phones while skiing on the piste?

When skiing on the piste, the use of mobile phones is permitted, but similar rules apply as in road traffic. For example, mobile phones should not be used while skiing in order to draw attention to your surroundings. Instead, it is recommended that you stop or use your mobile phone in a safe place away from the piste. It is always important to adhere to the rules of the ski area.

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