Ski or Snowboard – Differences, Pros and Cons

25/09/2022 - SnowTrex

Some say skiing is easier to learn because the foot placement is more natural, others say snowboarding is easier because you don’t have to coordinate so much at once. Some find skiing cooler, others snowboarding. Whether ski or snowboard, everyone has to find out for themselves and try it out. SnowTrex has the biggest differences ready.

Skiers and snowboarders enjoying the day together in the mountains.

The lift

Lifting for the first time with a drag lift is a challenge for both skiers and snowboarders. However, most snowboarders have greater initial difficulties. This is partly because only one foot is attached to the binding and you are pulled sideways up the slope. This puts more strain on one leg than the other, which can become tiring and painful. But this can also be trained and learned. And by the time you get to the chairlift or gondola at the latest, equality reigns again.

Snowboarders can also have fun on lifts.

Strapping on and unstrapping

Skiers strap on their skis before the first lift and, if everything goes well, unbuckle them before the break or after the last run. Snowboarders strap on only one foot before the lift, regardless of whether it is a surface lift or a chairlift. At the top, the second foot is then also strapped on. And so it goes on for the whole ski day. For most snowboarders this is not a problem, since they have consciously chosen snowboarding. Mostly it is rather the waiting skiers who would like to go on immediately.

Draw paths

Flat draw paths are dumb for everyone. However, skiers can bump their poles or skate their skis, so it’s not quite as strenuous. Snowboarders either have to unbuckle a foot and push off or unbuckle the board completely and walk. However, the best way to snowboard is to find nice ski friends who can pull you along quite comfortably on a stick.

It’s easier when everyone helps everyone else.

The clothes

When it comes to comfort, there is only one big difference between ski and snowboard : the shoes. Many ski boots are hard, immobile, you can’t walk well in them and get cold feet faster. Most snowboard boots, on the other hand, are soft boots. They are very comfortable, you can run longer distances in them and they keep very warm. For many, the boots are a reason to snowboard. When it comes to the rest of the clothing, you can often tell by the style whether you are a skier or a snowboarder. No matter what style, the clothes serve the same purpose: to keep warm, be comfortable and protect. Some snowboard pants already have integrated tailbone or thigh protectors, but of course skiers are also allowed to wear them.

The equipment

Everyone has his own pack to carry. Or just his own material. Snowboarders have it easier, because they just clamp the board under their arm and off they go. Skiers often have problems with skis falling apart and poles dangling around. In addition, the skis press on the shoulder. Especially for the little skiers, carrying the equipment is often difficult to coordinate. But even there, there are different, creative ways, such as putting the skis through the pole loops and carrying them as a “handbag”.

Ski or snowboard – Those who love skiing and snowboarding also like to wear their equipment.

The risk of injury

In general, there is a certain risk of injury in all sports. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must always reckon with the mistakes of others. Nevertheless, of course, minor accidents happen more often when you are not yet completely confident on the skis or snowboard. Skiers are more likely to injure their knee or shoulder. Snowboarders, on the other hand, are more likely to suffer wrist injuries. That is why wrist guards are recommended for snowboard beginners.

The bottom line

Whether skiing or snowboarding, both have advantages and disadvantages. And the time spent in the mountains makes up for the disadvantages anyway. But why decide at all? If you practice both sports, you’ll have twice the fun and a lot of variety!

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