Thrills Galore: 5 Spectacular Suspension Bridges in the Alps

01/08/2023 - SnowTrex

Breathtaking views at windy heights: that’s what suspension bridges can guarantee. Those who have a head for heights should not miss out on this spectacular thrill! So, during your next ski holiday in the Alps, why not take a walk on one of these airy footpaths? SnowTrex presents 5 sensational suspension bridges below:

The Dachstein suspension bridge consists of 30,000 individual parts and weighs 63 tonnes.

Overview of 5 Spectacular Suspension Bridges

Suspension BridgeMaximum HeightLengthLocation
Titlis Cliff Walk500 m100 mEngelberg (Switzerland)
Dachstein Suspension Bridge400 m100 mSchladming-Dachstein (Austria)
Längenfeld Suspension Bridge220 m83 mLängenfeld (Austria)
Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge85 m494 mRanda (Switzerland)
Peak Walkn/a107 mGstaad (Switzerland)

1. Titlis Cliff Walk Suspension Bridge (Engelberg, Switzerland)

Those who are spending their ski holiday in the Engelberg Valley and have some free time before or after that should definitely make a side trip to the Titlis Cliff Walk. This fascinating rope construction is Europe’s highest hanging rope bridge. Standing at a height of more than 3,000 m (access dependent on weather conditions), mountain-lovers can gaze down the Titlis south wall to a breathtaking depth of 500 m.

On the Titlis Cliff Walk, visitors find themselves at an altitude of over 3,000 metres.

2. Dachstein Suspension Bridge (Schladming-Dachstein, Austria)

The Schladming-Dachstein holiday region welcomes winter sports fans with excellent pistes (and Austria’s highest suspension bridge)! You can walk along the airy construct above Schladming at a height of 400 metres above the ground. The view of the almost-vertically-sloping Dachstein southern face beneath your feet is simply breathtaking. Adrenaline-seekers are sure to get their money’s worth with this attraction. The walk over the 1 m wide and 100 m long bridge is not the only thing that mountain fans can experience at this place. If you reach the end of the bridge, the “stairs to nowhere” will challenge your nerves once again. The stairs lead down 14 narrow heels to a glassy viewing platform. The feeling of floating 100 m freely above the Dachstein massif leaves many visitors weak in the knees – definitely a test of courage!

3. Längenfeld Suspension Bridge (Ötztal, Austria)

The Ötztal in Tyrol is one of the most varied regions in the Alps. Here, every winter sports fan will find a suitable ski area, like Sölden, for example. From there, it’s only about 12 km to Längenfeld, where you’ll find the suspension bridge of the same name: with a length of 83 m, the bridge connects the towns of Brand and Burgstein. This means that the bridge could be crossed relatively quickly, but at a height of 220 m, it offers even more fantastic views, or rather views down into the depths. The airy footpath over Längenfeld is a great attraction, especially for families. A pram can be pushed along without any problems and even the family dog has its own special dog track. In Brand as well as in Burgstein, excursionists can expect gastronomy in a rustic atmosphere against a fantastic mountain backdrop.

4. Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge (Randa, Switzerland)

The Charles Kuonen suspension bridge near Randa in Switzerland breaks all the records: at 494 m, it is the longest suspension bridge in the world. Winter sports fans travelling in the Valais, Saas Valley or the Zermatt area should not miss this highlight. The suspension bridge, named after its main sponsor, floats at 85 m above the abyss at its highest point and connects the resorts of Matterhorn-Dorf and Grächen. The bridge is a part of the long hiking path between Grächen and Zermatt. Because of this, it is not only a tourist attraction, but also saves hikers on the “Europaweg” a strenuous detour of 500 m altitude into the valley. In 2010, a rockfall put the previous bridge out of operation. Thus, those who are not only fascinated by skiing, but also by hiking can extend the walk in front of the Matterhorn and the Bernese Alps.

5. Peak Walk (Gstaad, Switzerland)

In the Glacier 3000 ski area, mountain-lovers can prove their courage on the Peak Walk. This floating construction is 107 m long and connects the secondary peak with the main peak of the Scex Rouge. This makes the Peak Walk the only suspension bridge in the world that connects two peaks. When crossing it, visitors have a fantastic view over the ski area and the Les Diablerets massif. Once they arrive at the main peak at almost 3,000 m, the surrounding mountain world reveals itself in all its fullness: Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Eiger and Mönch are only four of the 24 surrounding four-thousand-metre peaks.

The scenic summit of Glacier 3000 in Switzerland.
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