Booking a ski holiday: When is the best time to do it?

05/09/2023 - SnowTrex

Anyone who wants to experience the perfect skiing holiday should give it some thought. Above all, this includes the following question: When is the best time to book my next ski holiday? SnowTrex has addressed this question often asked by winter sports fans.

When to book a ski holiday? Booking early pays off for many reasons!

5 reasons to book your ski holiday early

Deep discounts are easy on the wallet

Attention, money-savers! Early booking offers usually include substantial discounts – and that with a wide selection of accommodation. Those who decide early to go on a skiing holiday and book it in the pre-season or at the start of the current season can typically benefit from summer discounts or other promotions. This is easy on the wallet and saves money in the end. Because the services that holidaymakers receive for the comparatively small amount are the same as those available for bookings made at a later date. The big advantage for early bookers, on the other hand, is that they then simply have more money available for other nice things on holiday.

Wide choice guaranteed

Do you have your eye on a particular ski resort? Would you like a room with a balcony? Or would you prefer a chic flat for a larger group? Early bookers enjoy a wide choice of offers and generally do not have to compromise on their choice of accommodation. Booking early means that there are still many offers available, and winter sports enthusiasts will definitely find the holiday package they have been longing for during the long working days in the office.

What kind of accommodation would you like? One like this, right on the slopes? Or perhaps a house a little further down the valley? Early bookers have the choice!

Early bookers have plenty of time to plan

Early bookers can plan their holidays much more calmly than last-minute bookers. All the to-dos can be taken care of in advance and without any stress. This advantage may especially please fans of packing lists, checklists, and schedules – but this argument is certainly unbeatable for families as well, because the larger the travel group, the more extensive the holiday planning.

Make the most of long weekends and holiday periods

Just as piste fans have a free choice of accommodation with early booking offers, this also applies to the travel period. Early bookers do not have to struggle with fully booked accommodation at exactly the time they have chosen for their holiday. On the contrary, they even have the opportunity to make the most of the popular long weekends and holiday periods. And all this at a low price, despite the high season! This way, winter holidaymakers not only save money, but also holiday days.

Especially for families who are bound to holiday periods, early booking is worthwhile.

The most beautiful joy is to be looking forward to it

It’s a classic saying: The most beautiful joy is to be eagerly awaiting it. If you book your skiing holiday early in the year for the coming winter, you can look forward to the trip throughout the summer. So, it doesn’t even hurt when the days get shorter and cooler again towards the end of summer. After all, the next highlight is already waiting: the long-awaited skiing holiday.

When last-minute skiing holidays are worthwhile

Inexpensive – under certain conditions

The advantage of last-minute offers is obvious: the comparatively low price. Overall, no one profits from empty rooms or trips that are not taken. And so, the often critically viewed short-term nature of a holiday is compensated for in the context of last-minute offers by a substantial reduction in prices. A great opportunity for travellers to spend a cheap holiday with all the amenities. However, winter sports enthusiasts have to meet a few “requirements” – otherwise it’s worth booking early.

Spontaneity is important

According to the definition, all offers are considered “last minute” if they start no more than two weeks before the final departure for the skiing holiday. Anyone wishing to take advantage of such an offer should therefore bring a certain degree of spontaneity with them. Of course, it is particularly easy for people who can plan their trip relatively autonomously. But travellers who are bound to school holidays or have already submitted their holidays can also benefit from such offers. However, it is even more important than being spontaneous not to commit to a destination in advance.

Last-minute holidays are particularly worthwhile for spontaneous, flexible people.

Being flexible pays off

The biggest hurdle that last-minute critics see is that it takes a relatively long time to settle on a specific destination. Piste fans know they are going on a skiing holiday – but whether to Austria, France, Italy, or Switzerland remains uncertain until shortly before the start of the trip. But if you know deep down that skiing in Europe is always a treat, and you don’t let uncertainty put you off, you should definitely wait for these “steals”.

Want a surprise?

Let’s turn the tables and assume that there are many people who literally love surprises: For these holidaymakers, the question of when to book doesn’t really arise. The anticipation comes with the surprise effect and the excitement of a last-minute offer. Super last minute offers are particularly recommended for this group of people, i.e. trips for those who have ideally already packed their bags as far as possible at the time of booking.

Accommodation in the Zillertal in places like Mayrhofen here are among the most popular destinations for SnowTrex customers.

Whether last minute or not: holidays mean relaxation!

Both early bookers and last-minute holidaymakers have advantages as well as disadvantages. If winter sports enthusiasts decide to book last minute and wait for bargains until shortly before the start of their trip, they should be aware not only of the advantages but also of the “risks” that last-minute bookings entail: For example, they may not like all the offers or realize that they are not as flexible in terms of region and accommodation as they thought. Accordingly, ski holidaymakers should weigh things up early on and take their time to find the right option for them.

Our recommendation:

Your situationTime to book
You are interested in a very specific offer.Book in good time!
You would like to go on a ski holiday over New Year's Eve, Christmas, Easter or during the holidays.Book as soon as possible!
You are flexible and especially price-oriented.Waiting might get you a bargain, but there is no guarantee of that.

FAQs about booking a ski holiday

Which are the best ski resorts for winter sports enthusiasts to book their ski holidays?

Based on the highest ratings of its customers, SnowTrex has this time awarded a total of 66 ski resorts in five countries with the SnowTrex Award. The most popular country for ski holidays was once again Austria with ski resorts such as the Stubai Glacier, Mayrhofen & Hippach, the Arlberg or Werfenweng. The most popular destinations in France and Italy include La Plagne, Les 3 Vallées and Tignes as well as Kronplatz, Livigno or Paganella. In Germany and Switzerland, winter holidaymakers were drawn to the Berchtesgaden region or to ArosaLenzerheide and Engelberg.

Where do the rich go on winter holidays?

There are some ski resorts in the World-famous Alps as winter holiday destinations for millionaires and celebrities. These sophisticated ski resorts include Kitzbühel, Saalbach, St. Anton, Val d’Isère, Bormio, Davos, Zermatt, and St. Moritz.

What should winter sports enthusiasts not forget on their ski holiday?

For a relaxing day on the slopes, you need complete ski equipment and a valid ski pass for the corresponding ski area. When it comes to skiing equipment, winter holidaymakers must of course not forget their skis or snowboard as well as ski or snowboard boots, ski poles, ski helmet and ski goggles, in addition to suitable ski and snowboard clothing.

What activities are available on a ski holiday?

Booking a ski holiday and hitting the slopes is the motto for most winter sports enthusiasts. But around the ski resorts and ski areas in the Alps, there are many more activities on offer than just skiing or snowboarding. Whether it’s tobogganing, freeriding or ski touring on the mountain itself, enjoying wellness and après-ski in the resort or eating regional specialities in the corresponding restaurants – winter sports enthusiasts can experience all of this on a skiing holiday.

Which months are best for a skiing holiday?

The main season in the ski resorts runs from the end of November to the beginning of March. January and February are traditionally the months with the most snow. Experience shows that it gets really sunny and therefore a bit warmer in the mountains from mid-March and April. In some glacier ski areas, the season can even begin in mid-October or during November if the snow conditions are right.

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