Working in the Mountains: Seasonal Work in the Ski Area

19/07/2022 - SnowTrex

A week of skiing in the mountains? Too short for some. Some mountain fans prefer to spend the whole season in the mountains and in the snow. But how should this be financed? SnowTrex knows various possibilities for seasonal work in the ski area. Seasonal work allows you to enjoy the mountains for the whole winter without having to sit on dry land.

Seasonal work in the ski area – a great opportunity to enjoy the mountains for a whole season!


The classic seasonal job is working in the gastronomy sector: in the ski area, this means being a waiter or barkeeper – either on the mountain or down in the valley. In order to do a good job, you have to be able to work under pressure and withstand stress. The reward for this is all the greater when you can ski almost every day. It is important that the working hours are organised so that they either concern the morning/early afternoon – for example as a breakfast service employee – or the afternoon/evening.

Child care worker

Meanwhile, numerous hotels in the ski resorts have also specialised in holidaymakers with children. This means, by implication, that the little ones must also be looked after and entertained if mum and dad want to treat themselves to a round of wellness after a day’s skiing. So if you are stress-resistant when it comes to children’s noise, then such a seasonal job is also suitable for you. The good news is that child carers are needed especially in the afternoon when the skiing day is over. So there is enough time to swing down the slopes in the morning.

Many parents enjoy childcare in the afternoon at the hotel.

Property manager

Small holiday homes in particular want to be managed accordingly in the high season. This includes, for example, guest care, light snow clearing work, cleaning or minor maintenance tasks. A great seasonal job to get to know new people and work in the middle of the resort! In addition, you are not a 24-hour caretaker, so that you can also strap on your skis.


Perhaps not the most popular job in the ski resort, but you do what you can to live in the mountains for a whole season! And if you are a cleaner in a hotel, board and lodging may even be free. Accordingly, one should not be directly deterred by the term in job advertisements – after all, there are rubber gloves!


Also as an entertainer, endurance, stress resistance and a great deal of commitment are required. There are tasks both on and off the piste. Accordingly, one must expect to explore the ski area with a horde of holidaymakers. However, this can be a lot of fun and is perhaps even more enjoyable than pulling your turns into the snow on your own. Planning to take a break in the evening? In this job, this is usually a bad idea. Even at this time the guests of the corresponding accommodation want to be entertained, which is why creativity and sociability are also written in capital letters in this job for seasonal work.

Many holidaymakers also appreciate entertainment programmes alongside the slopes.

Kitchen help

As well as with being a waiter or a barkeeper, you should make sure – if possible – that your seasonal work as a kitchen assistant does not take up the whole day. Therefore, you can ideally take a few turns in the morning or afternoon before going to the kitchen or after lunch. Especially when it comes to catering jobs, the expectations of having too much leisure time should not be too high, especially in the high season. After all, skiing makes you hungry, which in turn becomes obvious in the kitchens of ski resort huts and hotels. Ideally, however, you will find a job where board and lodging are free.


When working as a receptionist in winter, you often save board and lodging. This seasonal job requires a friendly, open-minded appearance – even if the holidaymakers are not quite so nice. Even if the working hours here are mainly during the day, there are often shifts that can sometimes be combined with a few downhill runs in the ski area. Some accommodations are also looking for night porter for seasonal work. In this case some afternoon runs are conceivable.

No matter what job it will be – being in the mountains for a whole season compensates for all the work! And otherwise there are also some inexpensive offers for young people and students.

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