7 facts about ski schools

29/04/2024 - SnowTrex

There are now ski schools in almost every ski resort. Even small ski resorts with only a few kilometres of slopes usually have a ski school where beginners can learn their first turns on the slopes or advanced skiers can perfect their skills. However, before going to the ski school, some winter sports enthusiasts often have a few questions. SnowTrex has therefore compiled 7 facts about ski schools.

At the beginning of a ski course, the ski instructor may have to give a little extra help

1. Who should go to ski school

Anyone who has never stood on skis or a snowboard before should attend an appropriate course at a ski school. Here you can learn how to ski or snowboard under professional guidance. This is essential for your own safety as well as for the safety of others on the piste. Every winter sports beginner is advised not to let a family member or friend “teach” them how to ski or snowboard. As a rule, the training that ski instructors have cannot be replaced by well-intentioned instructions or advice from a winter sports enthusiast without such training.

If you are already an advanced skier and would like to improve your skills in deep snow or on a ski tour, for example, we also recommend a corresponding course. There are also numerous offers for this.

There are also courses for advanced skiers and boarders!

2. Age limits for ski schools

Most ski courses are offered from the age of 3. This means that even the youngest children can make their first turns on the piste at an early age under professional guidance. If you have younger children, some ski resorts also offer the option of having your little ones looked after in so-called ski kindergartens. There is no skiing here yet, but mum and dad can fully enjoy the fun on the slopes.

3. Find the right ski school

The question of the right ski school depends largely on your own wishes and requirements. Should it be a children’s ski course or an adult ski course(learning to ski with over 30s)? A beginners’ course or an advanced course? Do you need hire equipment? Should it be a group ski course or a private ski course? Basically, it can be said that almost every ski school in the larger ski resorts offers all of these options. At the end of the day, it’s simply a price comparison or personal preference that counts.

Most ski schools offer courses from the age of 3

4. Duration of the ski course

How long a ski course lasts depends entirely on what skills you already have, how capable you are of learning and whether you have booked a group or individual ski course. With an individual ski course, the supervision is of course much more personalised, which may also speed up learning success, but on the other hand you usually pay considerably more. Here, too, it is important to weigh up the options and, above all, to practise diligently. Practice makes perfect and can shorten the ski course! As a general rule, you should plan at least 3 days for a group ski course for beginners.

One thing is certain: Practice makes perfect!

5. Cost of the ski course

The cost of a ski course depends on whether a group or private ski course has been booked. For a three-day group ski course, prices start at around €80 and go up to around €200 – depending on the ski resort. For private lessons, you should budget at least €150 per day.

6. Booking a ski course

You can either book a ski course on site or in advance with your ski holiday. The advantage of booking through the tour operator is that they can often offer discounts due to co-operations. You often save 5 to 10 % of the regular price.

Ski courses are usually cheaper through tour operators

If you are looking for a suitable ski course before travelling, it is definitely worth taking a look at our SnowTrex partner skibro.com. Here you will find hundreds of ski schools for beginners and pros in more than 250 ski resorts in the Alps!

7. Ski school discounts with SnowTrex

If you book your ski holiday with SnowTrex, you will receive a discount of up to 10% on your ski course thanks to our 100 or so local partnerships in many destinations. This applies to the following partner ski schools, among others:

  • Ski Dome Oberschneider
  • Ski school Dorfgastein Holleis GmbH
  • NTC Sport Sölle
  • Tritscher Ski School
  • Grindelwald Sports AG
  • Ski school Maria Alm
  • Fun & Pro Shop
  • Ski School Lackner
  • Ski School Alpin Hopfgarten OG
  • Ski School Hochzeiger Pitztal
  • ESF Les Deux Alpes
  • Ski and Snowboard School Bruck
  • and much more.
Ski schools are the meeting point for all learning enthusiasts in the snow!

FAQ about ski schools

Who should go to ski school?

Anyone who has never been on skis or a snowboard before. A course can also be worthwhile for those returning to the sport.

From what age can you join the ski school?

Most ski schools offer courses from the age of 3.

How do I find a ski school?

In most larger ski resorts, there are often several ski schools to choose from. But there are also usually ski schools in smaller ski resorts.

How many days does a ski course last?

This depends entirely on the participant’s abilities, especially their learning ability, and whether you have group or individual lessons. Generally, you should plan at least three days.

How much does a ski course cost?

This depends on whether you have booked a group or individual ski course. For a three-day group ski course, prices start at around €80, but depending on the ski resort, they can also go up to around €200. Individual lessons cost around €150 per day.

How do I book a ski course?

Either online or on site. There are often discounts online.

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