Ski resorts with free ski pass for children

20/02/2023 - SnowTrex

All parents of skiing children know the problem: the older the children get, the more expensive the ski pass for their offspring becomes. Although there are often discounts so that the snow dwarves can enjoy the fun on the slopes more cheaply than their parents, it is still not completely free in most cases. SnowTrex has picked out the exceptions and presents ski resorts with free children’s lift pass.

Ski resorts with free ski pass for children.


If you don’t yet know where to go on your next winter holiday with the whole family, you should look into THE destination for ski holidays par excellence, Austria. The Austrian Alps are perfect to relax during a break from stressful everyday life. Countless ski resorts await winter sports enthusiasts young and old, with slopes as far as the eye can see and ski schools eager to pass on the art of skiing. Plus, free childcare where kids can have fun together, and plenty of other activities off the alpine slopes.

In Austria, children still ski for free at the age of 15 in some ski resorts.

Moreover, Austria has the advantage that in no other alpine winter sports country do so many ski resorts offer special ski pass promotions for children. Free ski passes for children are available in Austria under certain conditions, for example in the ski resorts or ski villages:


French winter sports resorts are a perfect destination, especially for families looking for an inexpensive ski holiday. The reason for the affordable prices is that ski accommodations in France are mostly apartments or studios, which allows everyone to decide on the spot how much money they want to spend on catering.

Families can spend very affordable ski holidays in France.

What’s more, accommodation is often located right on the slopes of the diverse ski areas, so there’s no need for the familiar ski-bus stress. On the French slopes, ski and snowboard fans can expect many kilometres of pistes, countless ski schools offering courses for children and adults, and often fun snow parks and children’s lands.

This varied and together quite affordable offer in France means that there are fewer extra offers in the French ski resorts and only rarely promotions that undercut the individually set children’s rates. For children younger than 5 years old, the ski pass is mostly free anyway.


Italy’s ski resorts also offer fun on the slopes for young and old, qualified ski schools and a variety of runs. Families have the choice between large and small ski resorts, many family-friendly accommodations and a mostly varied programme away from the white snow slopes.

Italian ski resorts also often have special offers for young skiers.

In addition, in Italy, ski children up to the age of 5 mainly ski with a free ski pass. For older children, this often becomes free after a certain length of stay and, in addition, some ski resorts have also come up with special offers for young skiers. Free ski passes for children are available in Italy under certain conditions, for example in the ski resorts or ski villages:

Especially for ski holidays with many children, ski resorts with special offers for children are worthwhile.


The Swiss Alps are a wonderful place to ski with children. With ski resorts such as Grächen/Hannigalp, Arosa-Lenzerheide, Davos Klosters Mountains and many more, Switzerland has a wide variety of resorts, but they have a lot in common in terms of their family-friendliness, snow reliability and unique accommodation.

On the slopes, the Swiss ski resorts offer everything young and old skiers could wish for, with ski schools, creative children’s lands and snow parks, and a wide selection of easy to challenging runs. Away from the alpine snow hills, there are also various options for other activities such as toboggan runs or indoor playgrounds, family restaurants and sometimes even free childcare facilities that welcome families with open arms.

In many Swiss ski resorts, children under 6 years of age ski for free.

Generally speaking, ski passes for children under 6 are usually free in Switzerland, but of course there are ski resorts that have thought of special offers regarding older children. Free ski passes for children are available in Switzerland under certain conditions, for example in the ski resort of Zermatt.


In Germany, there are numerous ski resorts that welcome families with open arms. They often shine with ski schools and child-friendly slopes as well as family activities away from the white runs. In addition, many ski resorts offer free ski passes for small skiers and sometimes even for big skiers, which allow free access to the German snow worlds.

Several German ski resorts offer free ski passes for children.

In most winter wonderlands, this runs through so-called CARDS or PLUS CARDS, which are included with a booking by exceeding a minimum length of stay in certain hotels. These PLUS CARDS give free access to a compiled selection of activities, such as skiing in the ski area. Free ski passes for children are available (in the form of PLUS CARDS) in Germany under certain conditions, for example at the Oberstaufen ski resort.

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FAQs about free ski passes for children

Are children’s ski passes always free?

No, unfortunately not. Although the ski pass for children is usually free of charge up to an individually defined age limit, the children’s rates of the ski area apply for children who exceed this age limit.

What is the difference between ski passes for children and for adults?

The main difference is the price. Children’s ski passes are often a lot cheaper than ski passes for adults. In addition, it is sometimes the case that children’s ski passes also include special offers such as a free visit to the children’s cinema.

What are the conditions for free ski passes?

The conditions for free ski passes differ in each ski resort. For example, receiving the free ski pass may be linked to a minimum number of days or the purchase of a ski pass for a parent. Information on the exact conditions can usually be found on the websites of the ski resorts or mountain railroads.

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