Where Royals and celebs spend their ski holidays: top 8 resorts

24/05/2022 - SnowTrex

A famous actor sitting at the next table, a member of the Royal Family speeding past you on the piste, and a super model in the beginner area watching the kids on skis for the first time… Not a chance? Yes, there is! If you want to get a glimpse of celebrities on ski holiday, you only have to find out where they like to go. We have put together 8 celebrity mountain holiday hotspots for you:

Where Royals and celebs spend their ski holidays: top 8 resorts

Kitzbühel (Austria)

Estate owners in and around Kitzbühel include for instance Hansi Hinterseer, Ireen Sheer (lives in Ellmau) and Stephanie Countess of Pfuel. Other celebrity visitors who turn up here frequently, are Prince Albert of Monaco, Uschi Glas, Franz Beckenbauer and the entire Swarovski Clan. But also Arnold Schwarzenegger has been here already. Especially the “Hahnenkamm” race attracts many celebrity guests every year. Popular residences to stay in are e.g. the “Stanglwirt” in Going or the famous “Q! Resort”. Party non-stop can be found in the “Stanglwirt” and in the top Kitzbühel disco “Take Five”.

St. Moritz (Switzerland)

The German chancellor Merkel has already been here. In days gone by it was the in-place for Marlene Dietrich and Charlie Chaplin – nowadays the Swedish Royal Family likes to visit. The Dutch King Willem-Alexander and his wife Máxima even spent their honeymoon here. But St. Moritz is also a magnet for other celebrities, such as Robbie Williams and Madonna, for example. Exquisite nut tarts by the confectionery “Hauser und Hanselmann” are a popular specialty, and gourmet restaurants, such as the one by star-cook Reto Mathis, provide exclusive meals. The residences to house the stars are for instance “Badrutts Palace”,  “Sulvretta House” or “Kulm Hotel”.


At least once per year this idyllic resort in Switzerland can enjoy a royal visit. Prince Charles has declared Davos Klosters to his preferred ski resort and has been returning here for more than 30 years. Prince William and Kate also come here to spend their winter holidays. One of the cabins of the “Gotschna” gondolas has even been named in honour of the Royal Family, titled “Prince of Wales”. A private chalet can provide a cosy accommodation here, as well as the hotel “Chesa Grischuna” or the “Walserhof”. However, spectators will have a hard job fining out where the stars are accommodated. Celebrities like this resort due to one special reason: information is held discretely here.

Lech (Austria)

They were here as teenagers and spent many lovely winter holidays here – and also had to experience one of their most tragic experiences. The Dutch Queen Beatrix has been returning to the noble resort Lech for a number of decades. In 2012 her son, Prince Friso, was buried under an avalanche and died earlier this year from the damage caused. Still the family returned in 2013 to spend their holiday here. Princess Victoria from Sweden has been to Lech and also the Spanish King Juan and his wife have visited the resort. Niki Lauda and Sebastian Vettel like to return here, too. Celebrities can be found enjoying gourmet meals in the “Brunnerhof” or at the “Rud-Alpe”. And the best parties can be found in the “Schneggarei” or in the “Vernissage”.

Gstaad (Switzerland)

St. Moritz is the place to go to see and to be seen. Gstaad is more the place for a quiet retreat. At least that is what they say…  Roger Moore, who used to come here regularly, was pleased to see that the locals admired his car more that his person. Especially celebrities of the previous generation made Gstaad to one of the most popular places to be in the Swiss mountains: Moore, Sophia Loren, Julie Andrews, Richard Burton, Liz Taylor. But also Princess Madeleine from Sweden has come to enjoy the benefits of this resort. Formula 1 chef Bernie Ecclestone has even acquired a complete hotel. There is no need to show off here. Most chalets look much the same from the outside and rather remind one of a cosy mountain farm house. Those who don’t possess a private chalet or hotel can reside in the 5-star superior hotel “Gstaad Palace”. A touch more modern is the “Grand Hotel Bellevue”. Exquisite meals can be enjoyed in the many gourmet restaurants, above all the “Chesery”, by star-cook Robert Speth.

Ischgl (Austria)

Society chick Paris Hilton celebrated her 26th birthday here, Dieter Bohlen refers to the resort as “Ibiza of the Alps”: Ischgl. Apres ski in Ischgl is legendary. Just as the annual “Top of the Mountain” concerts featuring musical top acts – from Deep Purple, via Kylie Minogue, right up to Alicia Keys. The afternoon apres ski locations such as “Kuhstall”, “Pacha” or “Trofana Alm” are legendary and the best places to look out for celebrities.

Verbier (Switzerland)

If you have approx. €60,000 to spare for a week’s holiday, you can enjoy a stay in Richard Branson’s estate in Verbier Ischgl. “The Lodge – Sir Richard Bransons Mountain Retreat” is the name of his hotel.  Or you can enjoy a meal in James Blunt’s restaurant “La Vache” which he opened here in 2012. Hugh Grant has been sighted here, just as Prince Frederik from Denmark, together with most of his family. And of course Prince Harry – snugging with his new girlfriend Cressida Bones in early 2013. This particular photo was the one to reveal them as a couple. If you don’t want to spend you stay with Richard Branson, you can opt to book in the noble “Le Chalet d’Adrien”. A good party can be found in the stylish “Farinet”.

Aspen (USA)

When talking about celebrity ski resorts, you should not forget to mention Aspen. This resort probably has the highest celebrity density of all. Hollywood must be completely empty in winter! Movie stars and other famous people pile up in Colorado. Some go shopping in the many posh boutiques – e.g. Goldie Hawn (who also owns a chalet in Aspen), Mariah Carey, Melanie Griffith and Cindy Crawford. Others spend their time on the pistes – Melanie Griffith’s husband Antonio Banderas, or Heidi Klum. Kevin Costner possess a ranch in the area. For lunch you can swing by the “Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro”, for dinner you make on to “Piños” or to “Syzygy”. The “Calibou Clud” is the place to go for a great party. Kate Hudson actually spent her Hen’s Night here, on the night before her marriage with (now) ex-husband Chris Robinson.

So, off you go celebrity hunting!

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