Tobogganing in the Alps: The best toboggan runs for sledging

21/11/2023 - SnowTrex

Tobogganing means rushing out with a shouldered sledge when the first snow falls and racing down adventurous slopes. For children, it is an incomparable experience, but even as an adult it is a lot of fun to be on the move on the wooden sledges. For those for whom the local fields and hills are not enough, there are official toboggan runs in the Alps that are well maintained and prepared and are also often several kilometres long. SnowTrex presents the 10 best toboggan runs in the Alps.

Sledding in the Alps is a particularly fun experience.

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The best toboggan runs in the Alps at a glance:

Toboggan run's nameLocationCountryLength
RudiRunBrixen PloseItaly9 km
Rodelbahn WallbergRottach-EgernGermany6,5 km
Rodelbahn RosskopfSterzingItaly10 km
Rodelbahn BrambergNeukirchen am GroßvenedigerAustria14 km
Rodelbahn BergünBergünSwitzerland6 km
Muottas MuraglSt. MoritzSwitzerland4,2 km
HirscheckblitzRamsauGermany2,6 km
Elfer-Rodelbahn & Pinnis-RodelbahnNeustiftAustria8 km
COSMOJETVal ThorensFrance6 km
Big PintenfritzGrindelwaldSwitzerland15 km

Safety first

Whether in Germany, Austria, Italy, France or Switzerland – the choice of toboggan runs is almost as extensive as the offer for skiers and snowboarders. And just like the adventure on skis or a snowboard, everyone who wants to enjoy tobogganing should give a thought or two to the right and safe equipment.

Some may think they are “overdressed” if they wear a helmet or ski goggles, but these are exactly the utensils that should not be missing on a tobogganing trip. After all, you can easily reach 40 to 50 km/h on a toboggan run. Once the helmet is on your head and your shoes are firmly laced, you’re ready to go. Well then, have a good trip.

Tobogganing in Grindelwald/Switzerland

Length: 15 km

Grindelwald is home to the longest toboggan run in the Alps, with a length of 15 km and 1,600 metres in altitude. In addition to a lot of powder snow and tobogganing fun, the track offers a special highlight: the view of the spectacular peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

On the toboggan run, it should be noted that the gondola lift only takes toboggan fans to the first possible starting point, the First. Anyone who really wants to enjoy the entire route of the “Big Pintenfritz” has to take an approx. 2.5-hour hike from the First to the 2,686 m high Faulhorn. However, anyone who takes on the walk will be rewarded with even more tobogganing and a unique view.

Incidentally, the name “Big Pintenfritz” comes from a Grindelwald resident. The toboggan run was named after the local landlord Fritz Bohren, who ran the “Pinte” in the Hotel Bellevue as well as the Berghotel Faulhorn in Grindelwald.

Tobogganing in Neukirchen am Großvenediger/Austria

Length: 14 km

According to its own information, the Bramberg toboggan run from Neukirchen is the longest illuminated toboggan run in the world. It starts at 2,100 m and boasts a length of 14 km and 1,300 metres in altitude. To reach the run, winter enthusiasts can take the Smaragdbahn gondola lift in Bramberg and ride comfortably to the Bramberg mountain station. Those who come to the ski area with the Wildkogelbahn from Neukirchen can also reach the longest illuminated toboggan run after only about 10 minutes on foot. Then it’s about 40 minutes down the illuminated and adventurous descent at speeds of up to 50 km/h. In addition, the ADAC certifies that the toboggan run has good signposting and an even gradient.

The toboggan run is located in the Austrian skiing area Wildkogel-Arena. Here, fans of fast downhill runs can expect 75 varied kilometres of slopes in addition to other toboggan runs.

In addition to the 14 km long toboggan run, 75 diverse kilometres of pistes await winter enthusiasts for skiing and snowboarding in the Wildkogel Arena ski area.

Tobogganing in Sterzing/Italy

Length: 10 km

Italy also makes it onto the podium of the longest toboggan runs in the Alps with the Rosskopf toboggan run. The Italian tobogganing highlight is located in the Rosskopf ski area in Sterzing. The ski resort of Sterzing and also the toboggan run welcome families with children as well as groups of friends with open arms. The 10 km long toboggan run at the Rosskopf leisure mountain opens not only during the day, but also at late hours. This gives brave tobogganing fans the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments in the winter paradise. In addition, the toboggan run was voted the international ADAC test winner run in 2011 and was named the best toboggan run in Germany.

The 10 km long Rosskopf toboggan run is located in the ski area of the same name.

The Rosskopf ski area in Sterzing stretches over the Rosskopf at altitudes between 948 m and 2,120 m, offering 20 varied kilometres of pistes and a wonderful panoramic view all the way to the Dolomites. It is only a few minutes’ walk from the historic town centre of Sterzing, which is one of the most beautiful small towns in Italy and impresses with its unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Tobogganing in Brixen Plose/Italy

Length: 9 km

The RudiRun toboggan run is the tobogganing highlight in Bressanone, Italy. The route has a convincing length of 9 km and is divided into two parts. This means that toboggan fans have a choice after the upper leisurely section: either they go straight back up the track to sledge down the section again straight away, or they go down another 5 km towards the valley. No matter which variant action fans choose, they will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Stubai Alps and have a lot of fun.

The RudiRun is also located in the middle of the Gitschberg Jochtal-Brixen ski area, so winter fans can enjoy cross-country skiing, winter hiking and of course skiing in addition to tobogganing. The ski area provides its guests with 98 kilometres of slopes at altitudes of up to 2,510 m.

The RudiRun is divided into two parts so that snow lovers can experience even more tobogganing fun.

Tobogganing in Neustift/Austria

Length: 8 km

A true stronghold of tobogganing is the Elfer near Neustift in the Austrian Stubaital. The 2,505 m high mountain offers brave action junkies two toboggan runs of around 8 km in length. Both toboggan runs start at the mountain station, one leading to the centre of Neustift and the other through the Pinnistal valley to Neder. The starting points of the toboggan runs can be reached with the Elfer panorama cable car and offer a fun toboggan run in addition to breathtaking views. On the Pinnis toboggan run, it is also worthwhile to stop off at the Issenanger Alm or at the Herzebner Almwirt. Here, snow lovers can relax for a while and recharge their batteries for the rest of the route. If all this still doesn’t convince you, you should know that the two toboggan runs also open in the evening. The Elfer toboggan run is then illuminated by floodlights, while the Pinnis toboggan run shows night owls the way with romantic lantern lights in the form of orientation lamps.

There are two 8 km long toboggan runs to explore on the Elfer.

The toboggan runs are located in the Stubai Glacier skiing area, which, in addition to the toboggan runs, also impresses with its ski slopes and cross-country skiing trails. The skiing area is located at altitudes of up to 3,212 m and offers skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts a whole 42 kilometres of slopes. For cross-country skiing fans, the ski area also offers around 62 kilometres of groomed trails throughout the Stubaital. A highlight is the 40 km long valley trail, which convinces with varied and perfectly groomed sections.

Tobogganing in Rottach-Egern/Germany

Length: 6.5 km

The longest toboggan run in Germany is called “Rodelbahn Wallberg” and is 6.5 km long. It is located on the Wallberg near Rottach-Egern and offers a wonderful view of Lake Tegern and the Alps. You can get to the start of the toboggan run quickly and comfortably with the Wallbergbahn. From the top of the mountain, action fans then descend 825 metres in altitude to the valley in around 30 minutes.

Please note that, for safety reasons, small children are not allowed on the longest German toboggan run. However, even the smallest winter dwarves can experience snow fun and a unique view at the top of the Wallberg. The panorama restaurant with its 270-degree window front is perfect for this.

In addition to tobogganing action, a great ski route also awaits on the Wallberg, although this is reserved for experienced off-piste skiers only. The ski route is part of the Spitzingsee-Tegernsee ski area. This impresses with 20 kilometres of pistes and a maximum altitude of 1,580 m.

The Wallberg toboggan run impresses with a fantastic view of Lake Tegernsee.

Tobogganing in Bergün/Switzerland

Length: 6 km

In Swiss ski resorts, in addition to the longest toboggan run in the Alps, there are many other long and short, slow and fast as well as action-packed and relaxed toboggan runs. Bergün has a toboggan run that manages to combine slow and fast sections as well as action and relaxation. The journey to the start of the toboggan run takes place on the Rhaetian Railway and brings with it a view of breathtaking viaducts and the fantastic surrounding mountains. The Bergün toboggan run itself is 6 km long and is prepared twice a day for tobogganing enthusiasts. It is characterised by the alternation of long straights and sporty curves and has a speed measuring system at the end.

On the picturesque toboggan run, action lovers can experience tobogganing fun even at late hours.

The picturesque toboggan run is illuminated at late hours so that nocturnal winter enthusiasts can experience tobogganing fun. The toboggan run thus creates unique experiences and adventures for everyone by day and by night.

Bergün is only about 30 km away from the winter paradise of St. Moritz in the middle of the Engadin ski area. The sun-drenched ski area shines with 325 kilometres of pistes at altitudes of up to 3,303 m and many other winter sports activities.

Tobogganing in Val Thorens/France

Length: 6 km

While Switzerland takes the title for the longest toboggan run in the Alps, France can boast the title for the highest toboggan run in the Alps.

The tobogganing highlight can be found in Val Thorens, the highest ski resort in Europe. At around 3,000 m, the start of the COSMOJET toboggan run is at the top station of the Péclet cable car, which takes brave toboggan fans to the COSMOJET. After enjoying the view, the 6 km and 700 m long run takes you back down to the valley. The COSMOJET is a converted hiking trail covered with the finest natural powder and guarantees snow-sure skiing fun.

This video shows why winter sports enthusiasts should not miss the fantastic toboggan run in France:

#ValThorens COSMOJET - Plus longue piste de luge de France - France's longest luge track.

The Val Thorens ski area and the resort itself are not only very well known and popular because of the unique altitude. The skiing area offers direct access to a whole 150 kilometres of pistes at an altitude of up to 3,230 m and countless piste highlights. The village of Val Thorens is characterised by various cafés and restaurants, many shopping opportunities and a wide range of cultural and sporting activities.

Tobogganing in St. Moritz/Switzerland

Length: 4.2 km

Another toboggan run, as the Swiss call their toboggan runs, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Bergün toboggan run in St. Moritz. The toboggan run is called Muottas Muragl and is 4.2 km long. Big and small tobogganers can race down the track on their toboggans, covering 718 metres in altitude in addition to 20 curves. The fast descent begins at the mountain station of the same name and leads through white-coloured pine and larch forests down to the valley.

In the Engadine region, in addition to the Muottas Muragl toboggan run, there are many other cross-country ski runs, ski slopes and other sports facilities at altitudes of up to 3,303 metres. This means that Switzerland has yet another toboggan run that offers plenty of fun and unforgettable experiences for winter lovers.

The 4.2 km long toboggan run in St. Moritz is called Muottas Muragl.

Tobogganing in Ramsau/Germany

Length: 2.6 km

A German tobogganing highlight can be found in Ramsau in the Berchtesgadener Land region. The 2.6 km long Hirscheckblitz toboggan run is hidden here at Hochschwarzeck. It begins at an altitude of 1,390 m at the top station of the Hirscheck chairlift and runs 400 m to the finish at the bottom station. Tobogganing fans can expect a varied, very safe and surprisingly fast ride. Athletes can reach speeds of more than 50 km/h on the track with a maximum gradient of around 22%.

In the ADAC toboggan run test of 2012, the Hirscheckblitz was convincing and took first place. The reservation of the toboggan run for tobogganers only, the continuous side boundaries and clear warnings of danger spots, among other things, contribute to the high safety of the run. In addition, the track was planned and designed together with tobogganing legend Georg “Schorsch” Hackl, which means that winter lovers can be sure that a high fun factor awaits them.

The toboggan run is also ideally located in the Berchtesgaden Region ski area. Here, piste lovers have a whole 60 kilometres of downhill skiing at altitudes of up to 1,800 m at their disposal, as well as many other winter sports activities.

In the ADAC toboggan run test of 2012, the 2.6 km long Hirscheckblitz took first place.
Where is the longest toboggan run in the Alps?

The longest toboggan run in the Alps is located in Switzerland in the Grindelwald/First & Kleine Scheidegg/Männlichen ski area. It is 15 km long and has 1,600 metres of altitude to climb.

Which is the longest toboggan run in Germany?

The longest toboggan run in Germany is the Wallberg toboggan run, with a length of 6.5 km. It is located on the Wallberg near Rottach-Egern and offers a beautiful view of Lake Tegern and the Alps.

Which is the longest toboggan run in Austria?

The 14 km long toboggan run in Neukirchen is the longest toboggan run in Austria. Its start is at 2,100 m and tobogganers need about 40 minutes to overcome the 1,300 metres in altitude. In addition, according to its own information, it is the longest illuminated toboggan run in the world and also opens in the evening for the night owls among the snow lovers.

Which is the longest toboggan run in Switzerland?

The longest toboggan run in Switzerland is also the longest in the Alps and is located in the Grindelwald/First & Kleine Scheidegg/Männlichen ski area. It has a convincing 15 km length and 1,600 metres of altitude to overcome, with its starting point at 2,686 metres.

Where is the highest toboggan run in Europe?

The highest toboggan run in Europe is in Val Thorens, the highest ski resort in Europe. It is called COSMOJET and is located at an altitude of around 3,000 m at the Péclet cable car mountain station. The COSMOJET impresses recreational tobogganers with a length of 6 km and 700 metres in altitude to overcome.

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