The 10 biggest ski resorts in Poland

25/09/2022 - SnowTrex

There are many ski resorts in Poland, which are ideal for beginners as well as experienced winter sports enthusiasts. In addition to varied downhill runs, modern lifts and breathtaking mountain scenery, the off-piste offer is also diverse and varied, so that snow lovers can also experience a lot after a strenuous day on the slopes. The country’s ski resorts have a combined total of almost 500 kilometres of pistes. SnowTrex has researched and presents the 10 largest ski resorts in Poland.

The multifaceted offer attracts many snow lovers to the Polish slopes.

The 10 biggest ski resorts in Poland at a glance

Ski areaKilometres of pisteHighest point
Sucha Dolina10 km820 m
Jaworzyna Krynicka10 km1,114 m
Dwie Doliny11 km1,001 m
Szklarska Poręba (Schreiberhau)12 km1,362 m
Kasprowy Wierch – Zakopane15 km1,987 m
Bialka Tatrzanska18 km934 m
Zieleniec21 km1,025 m
Szczyrk Mountain36 km1,257 m
Korbielow Pilsko8 km1,557 m
Czarna Góra – Sienna9 km1,250 m

Overview: All ski resorts in Poland

1. Ski resort Szczyrk Mountain

Slopes: 36 km

Altitude: Up to 1,257 m

The largest ski area in Poland is Szczyrk Mountain. Here, a proud 36 kilometres of pistes await visitors and the highest point is at 1,257 metres. The ski area is located between the towns and villages of Szczyrk, Czyrna, Salmopol and Solisko and is a popular holiday destination for many winter sports enthusiasts. There are different lifts that lead to the well-prepared slopes of various degrees of difficulty. The latter are very varied, so that both beginners and experienced professionals will find the right slopes. In the ski area, 5 kilometres of pistes are marked in black. These slopes are suitable for all winter sports enthusiasts who are looking for thrills.

As this video shows, there is usually enough snow already at the ski opening in Szczyrk to enjoy wonderful runs on the slopes:

Narty W Szczyrk mountain resort opening day 2022

2. Zieleniec ski resort

Slopes: 21 km

Altitude: Up to 1,025 m

Winter sports enthusiasts will find a total of 21 kilometres of pistes in the Zieleniec ski area. This makes it one of the largest ski areas in Poland. 30 lifts take skiers and snowboarders to the various slopes, which are mainly marked in blue and red. This means that beginners and families with children are guaranteed to get their money’s worth. However, experienced winter sports enthusiasts will also find some racy downhill runs and brave adrenaline junkies have the opportunity to prove their skills on the black-marked slope. This is located under the Skyway Express Nartorama gondola lift and demands a lot from the pros and provides plenty of thrills. In addition, the Zieleniec ski area offers the possibility of skiing down the slopes late at night, as selected slopes are regularly illuminated by floodlights.

In addition to blue pistes, Zieleniec ski resort also has some downhill runs that challenge even professionals in their skills.

3. Ski resort Bialka Tatrzanska

Slopes: 18 km

Altitude: Up to 934 m

Several interesting highlights await visitors to the Białka Tatrzańska ski area. One of them is the largest fun park in Poland. It features a track with many kickers, boxes and other obstacles. All those who want to ski and snowboard in the usual way can do so on the 18 varied kilometres of slopes. The highest point of the resort is at 934 m. On the blue-marked slopes, beginners and the youngest skiers can slowly get to grips with winter sports and, if they wish, they can be guided by professionally trained ski and snowboard instructors.

Children and beginners can learn their first turns in the Białka Tatrzańska ski resort under optimal conditions.

4. Ski resort Kasprowy Wierch – Zakopane

Slopes: 15 km

Altitude: Up to 1,987 m

This ski resort is located in the region called Lesser Poland. For snowboarding and skiing, 15 kilometres of slopes await visitors here. A total of four lifts take winter sports enthusiasts to the starting points, and the highest point of the resort is at 1,987 metres. This makes it the highest ski area in Poland. The individual slopes are well-prepared and well-developed. From the so-called Kasprowy Wierch, visitors have a unique panoramic view of Zakopane as well as high up on the High Tatras.

In Zakopane, winter sports enthusiasts find the best conditions on the ski area’s slopes, as the following clip shows:

Kasprowy Wierch - Zjazd trasą Gąsienicową 2021

Although there are some easier routes, this ski resort is primarily suitable for people who have already gained some experience in winter sports, as the majority of the slopes are marked red and black.

5. Ski resort Szklarska Poręba (Schreiberhau)

Slopes: 12 km

Altitude: Up to 1,362 m

The Szklarska Poręba ski area is one of the most popular ski resorts in Poland. Winter sports enthusiasts can let off steam here on a total of 12 kilometres of pistes. The Szklarska Poręba ski area is located in the Polish Giant Mountains and impresses with its unique natural scenery. Szklarska Poręba means “Schreiberhau” in German. The ski resort is only about one kilometre from the Polish border with the Czech Republic. There are eight lifts in the resort that transport visitors comfortably and easily up the various mountains. One highlight is certainly the blue valley run near the Szrenica I chairlift, as this can be illuminated and thus enables a very special kind of experience.

In the Szklarska Poręba ski area, there is the right run for every ski and snowboard enthusiast.

6. Ski resort Dwie Doliny

Slopes: 11 km

Altitude: Up to 1,001 m

The Dwie Doliny ski area has 11 kilometres of pistes and is located between the villages of Muszyna and Wierchomla. It is very family-friendly and is constantly being expanded. There are slopes of varying difficulty on both sides of the local mountain. One area is also lit up in the evening for night skiing. Those who have never been on skis before can slowly get to grips with the sport on the practice slope at the Stonaga lift. The slopes in this ski area are very well-developed and perfectly groomed. In addition, the ski area is very clearly laid out and is therefore well suited for families with children who are old enough to explore the slopes on their own.

On the practice slope with the Stonaga lift, children and beginners can slowly get to grips with skiing.

7. Ski resort Sucha Dolina

Slopes: 10 km

Altitude: Up to 820 m

If you want to ski and snowboard on perfectly groomed slopes in Poland, you should definitely visit the Sucha Dolina ski area. A total of 10 kilometres of pistes await winter sports enthusiasts, which can be reached by a total of eleven lifts. The highest point of the skiing area is at an altitude of 820 metres. The Sucha Dolina ski area is located in the so-called Lesser Poland Voivodeship and is only a few minutes’ drive from Piwniczna-Zdrój.

A wide variety of slopes in the Sucha Dolina ski resort make for an unforgettable winter sports experience for young and old alike.

8. Jaworzyna Krynicka Ski Resort

Slopes: 10 km

Altitude: Up to 1,114 m

If you like skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing, the Jaworzyna Krynicka ski area is the place for you, because it is not unusual for the snow to stay here for four to five months of the year. A total of seven slopes await visitors in the Jaworzyna Krynicka ski area, with a total length of around 10 km.

It is also clear from moving images that the slopes in Jaworzyna Krynicka are suitable for all levels of ability:

Jaworzyna Krynicka na nartach trasą 3 i 1 ze szczytu 1114m n.p.m. 12.2019

In this ski resort, beginners and families with children as well as advanced winter sports enthusiasts are guaranteed to get their money’s worth.

9. Ski resort Czarna Góra – Sienna

Slopes: 9 km

Altitude: Up to 1,250 m

The name Czarna Góra means Black Mountain, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. If you are visiting the ski area for the first time, you will immediately see the imposing elevation that rises from the so-called Glatzer Schneegebirge. This can be visited and offers a unique distant view. The Czarna Góra-Sienna ski area itself also has a lot to offer. A total of 9 kilometres of pistes are available and there is a high degree of snow reliability. It is not uncommon for around 30 cm of fresh snow to fall here every day in the depths of winter.

How dreamlike the winter landscapes in Czarna Góra can be, becomes more than clear in the following video:

Czarna Góra 2019 - Ski Resort, Sienna - Poland

There is a great practice area for the youngest winter sports enthusiasts. In addition, some slopes are floodlit late at night. Another highlight of the ski resort is the so-called toboggan run, which is a lot of fun for young and old.

10. Ski resort Korbielow Pilsko

Slopes: 8 km

Altitude: Up to 1,557 m

The total of 8 kilometres of pistes in the Korbielow Pilsko ski area in the Polish Krkonoše Mountains provide excellent conditions for a varied and fantastic time in the snow. The highest point of the ski area is at 1,557 m and there are slopes of varying degrees of difficulty. The majority of the slopes are marked red and black and are therefore ideally suited for advanced winter sports enthusiasts. Nevertheless, beginners will also find some very well-prepared and flatter slopes. In addition, the Korbielow Pilsko ski area is the largest night ski area in Poland. The illuminated slopes have a length of almost 3 km and provide a special kind of experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. Guests can end the day here and enjoy the special atmosphere that comes with skiing or snowboarding in the dark.

In the Korbielow Pilsko ski resort, freeriders often find ideal conditions for powdering next to the piste.

FAQs about skiing in Poland

What is the largest ski area in Poland?

The largest skiing area in Poland is the Szczyrk Mountain skiing area and is located in the so-called Beskid Mountains near the Upper Silesia region. Winter sports enthusiasts can let off steam on a total of 36 kilometres of slopes and find varied downhill runs of varying degrees of difficulty. The highest point of this large ski area is at an altitude of 1,257 metres.

What is the largest night skiing area in Poland?

The largest night ski area in Poland is the Korbielow Pilsko ski area. Here, almost 3 kilometres of pistes, which are illuminated by floodlights at late hours, await visitors.

How many ski resorts with over 15 kilometres of piste are there in Poland?

There are a total of four ski resorts in Poland with more than 15 kilometres of piste. These are the ski resorts of Szczyrk Mountain (36 km), Zieleniec (21 km), Zakopane (15 km) and the ski resort of Bialka Tatrzanska (18 km).

Which ski resort in Poland is the highest?

The highest ski resort in Poland is the Kasprowy Wierch-Zakopane ski resort, which is located at altitudes of up to 1,987 m. There are a total of five very well-developed slopes where families, among others, are guaranteed to get their money’s worth.

Which ski resort in Poland has the most lifts?

The ski resort with the most lifts in Poland is Zieleniec, where there are a total of 30 lifts. These take visitors to the various slopes, which have different levels of difficulty. Thus, all winter sports enthusiasts will find the right slopes on which they can prove their skills.

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