Early-bird checklist: 5 reasons to book your skiing holiday early

09/04/2019 - SnowTrex

Have you just returned home from your skiing holiday and are already longing for mountains, snow and fun on the slopes? Or you haven’t been skiing in a long time and have definitely thought about skiing fun for the next season? Many winter sports fans can hardly wait for their next skiing holiday. It helps to make plans early and to book in spring or summer. SnowTrex has put together a list of the benefits early-birds enjoy:

Booking early is worthwhile for various reasons!

1. Huge discounts protect your wallet

Attention, bargain hunters! Early-bird offers usually include huge discounts – and with a wide selection of accommodations at that. Those who decide to go skiing early and book in the pre-season or at the start of the current season will benefit from savings like summer discounts and more, which are extremely kind to the wallet. The services that holidaymakers receive for the comparably small price are the same as those that apply to bookings made at a later date. The only difference is that early-birds have more money for other nice things on holiday!

2. Large selection guaranteed

Do you have a specific ski resort in mind? Room with balcony desired? Or would you rather look at a chic apartment for a larger group? Early-birds enjoy a wide range of offers and generally don’t have to make any compromises – a big difference to last-minute bookers. Booking early means that there are still many offers available and that you will definitely find the holiday package you are dreaming of during those long working days in the office.

3. Early-birds have plenty of time for planning

Early-birds can approach their holiday planning much more relaxed than last-minute bookers. There is absolutely no shortage of time for any preparations. Rather, all to-dos can be done in advance and completely stress-free. This advantage may especially please fans of checklists and schedules! This argument is also quite unbeatable for families, as the larger the group, the more planning is required.

Early-birds can sit back and relax.

4. Making the most of bridge days and holiday periods

Just as you have a free choice of accommodation for early-birds, you also have a free choice of time periods. Early-birds do not have to struggle with fully occupied accommodation at the precise moment that they have decided to prepare for their holiday. On the contrary: you even have the opportunity to make the most of the popular bridge days and holiday periods – and at a low price despite the high season! Thus winter holidaymakers not only save money, but also days off work and school, too.

5. Let the anticipation build

If you book your ski holiday early in the year for the coming winter season, you can look forward to your trip throughout the summer. It doesn’t even hurt when the days become shorter and cooler again towards late summer. After all, the next highlight is already waiting for you: the long-awaited skiing holiday.

Winter can come as soon as the next ski holiday is booked.

Our conclusion

Booking early is worth it for everyone who already knows ahead of time that they want to go skiing next winter! The benefits in a nutshell: save money, avoid stress, have a wide selection and enjoy boundless anticipation!

  • Tuesday, 09. April 2019
  • author: SnowTrex
  • category: Top 10
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