7 Ways to Overcome your Fear of Skiing

08/08/2023 - SnowTrex

The risk of injury when skiing is no higher than in other sports, such as cycling or various team sports. In addition, the treatment methods for knee injuries or similar injuries are nowadays so advanced that winter sports fans can return to the slopes with a clear conscience after some time. Nevertheless, anyone who has ever suffered a serious injury while skiing or snowboarding knows this feeling: standing on the piste for the first time after the accident and fear suddenly sets in. SnowTrex knows how winter sports fans can overcome this fear and once again relax and make their turns in the snow.

7 ways to overcome your fear of skiing.

Accepting the Fear

There’s nothing wrong with being scared. On the contrary: without fear, people would not survive. The first step to conquer the slope again without fear is therefore, ironically, to accept fear and to name it as such. Scientific studies prove that we automatically distance ourselves a little from our queasy feeling by giving it a name. This in turn allows us to look at and assess the situation and the actual danger much more rationally.

Analysing the Accident Situation

Often, it also helps to take a closer look at the accident situation and to remember what went wrong at the time: was I going too fast? Did I follow the FIS rules? Was the slope too crowded? Did I fall in what was actually a completely harmless situation and simply had an unlucky moment? If you know what went wrong, you can work on it. As the saying goes, “you learn from your mistakes”.

Using the Tension

Knees shaking a little, hands sweating, the adrenaline level already rising from just standing there: the moment before the first descent after an injury is certainly not the most pleasant, but tension isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Make the most of it! Convince yourself that a certain degree of tension can certainly improve your performance on the slopes. Scientific studies prove that if you believe in it and don’t freeze in fear, you will experience exactly that. You should also avoid constructing thoughts that begin with “But if I …”.

The moment before the first descent – with a few tricks you can relax!

Highlighting the Positive

If you have ever suffered a serious injury during winter sports, it is without a doubt very annoying. Nevertheless, you are now standing on the piste and even have your doctor’s approval to enjoy the slopes again. So, don’t get caught up in negative thoughts. Instead, try to see the positive: you have successfully recovered from your injury! You are no longer in pain, you can ski again and of all the countless pistes you have already conquered in your life, you only had bad luck once – that’s a great statistic!

Starting Small

Feelings of success do not arise if you overestimate yourself right at the beginning. So, start your ski day relaxed and, if necessary, a little below your actual skiing level. This way, you will regain confidence in winter sports much faster than if you face difficult challenges directly, and the more confidence you gain, the less negative thoughts you’ll have.

Helping Others

It often also helps to turn the focus away from yourself. Are you in a group where you can teach other skiers something? Concentrate on this and kill two birds with one stone: the other person learns something new and you can relax because you forget your own fear.

Shifting the focus and helping others – that helps to forget the fear.

Enjoying your Surroundings

A view of the surrounding mountain world and beyond, as well as a deep breath of fresh mountain air, will relax anyone! So, in addition to all the thoughts about the nature of the piste, your skiing style and your physical condition, don’t forget your environment. You’re on holiday in the mountains – what could be better?

  • Tuesday, 08. August 2023
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