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10/01/2023 - SnowTrex

Time to get out of the daily routine and back on the slopes! For winter sports fans, there’s probably nothing better, but unfortunately, only a few are allowed to ski back down towards the valley every day. So, why not simply bring the winter fun into your living room? SnowTrex has the best movie tips for skiers and snowboarders – these films guarantee spectacular pictures, adventurous descents, daring jumps and moving stories. So: ski goggles on and off to the couch.

Watch movies and experience pure skiing fun right in your living room.

Roadless (2019)

The wilderness, snowboards and a big portion of powder and adventure: the snowboarders Bryan Iguchi, Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice explore Teton’s Wilderness for ten days, with their snowboards, all without helicopters or snowmobiles.

With this line-up, fan expectations are high and will not be disappointed! The three snowboarders have worked and climbed all the slopes themselves. The reward: lines that have never been ridden before!


Warren Miller’s Timeless (2019)

The 70th edition of the “God of Skifilm”, Warren Miller, is the first one that Warren Miller himself does not experience anymore. The film features many of the best and most popular ski regions: the most beautiful runs in British Columbia, Canada, the steepest slopes of the Rockies in Colorado and the European Alps, all of which are part of the winter journey in “Timeless”, with many well-known faces from the skiing scene.

Warren Miller was considered a pioneer of modern ski movies and has achieved legendary status in the community. Since 1950, Miller has continuously brought dreamlike films to the screen – the film “Timeless” is a superb film which, among other things, pays homage to Warren Miller, who died at the age of 93 in early 2018.

Warren Miller's Timeless - Trailer

Evolution of Dreams (2018)

On Big Mountain, you can find concentrated girl power. The film “The Beginning” is the start of an ambitious project of two strong women: the two freeriding pros Eva Walkner and Jackie Paaso are producers and actors in the film, bringing the fascination of ski touring to the big screen. Breathtaking imagery and a look into the lives and pressures of skiing pros captivate the audience from the very first minute. After the tours had already been shot, the ski trip for the two of them was to continue in 2018. In Germany, “The Beginning” could be seen at film festivals in Munich, Darmstadt, Cologne and Berlin in 2018.

Evolution of Dreams - Trailer

Far Out (2018)

Far Out is a new production of Tenon Gravity Research (TNG), a company that specialises in extreme sports and produces ski films, among other things. The TNG team has already shot more than 40 films, including numerous ski films. With Far Out, they have created another masterpiece. Spectacular jumps, breathtaking lines on frightening deep-snow slopes and fascinating shots of exotic cities and resorts are shown. State-of-the-art camera technology and impressive cuts captivate the audience and make the 70 minutes fly by.

Far Out - Official Trailer

Eis & Palmen (2018)

“Eis & Palmen” (German: ice and palms) documents how the two German freeriders Max Kroneck and Jochen Mesle compete in a very special kind of challenge. Their mission: ” To travel over the most beautiful mountains of the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea without an engine”. Starting from Reutte in Germany, they travelled over the Western Alps to the Mediterranean. 1,300 km and approx. 20,000 metres in altitude were covered by climbing, skiing and cycling. The finest untouched deep snow slopes, rough rock faces, cold nights and many impressive moments in the film allow the viewer to share in their adventure. The film is absolutely worth seeing. Eis & Palmen didn’t win the “Coup De Coeur” at the French Winter Film Festival in Blourg-Saint-Maurice for nothing. Furthermore, the film was, and is, shown at numerous film festivals, such as the BANFF Mountain Festival. The program of the BANFF Mountain Festival is also shown in seven German cities and can definitely be recommended.

Eis & Palmen - Trailer (4K) | VAUDE

Warren Miller’s Face of Winter (2018)

“Face of Winter”, the 69th edition of ski films by winter sports film icon Warren Miller was released in early 2018 and has once again thrilled fans.

Great stories and shots that get winter sports fans’ blood pumping, breathtaking descents, the world’s most talented riders and interesting reviews of the past of skiing as well as a wide variety of locations await the audience: from Chamonix to Portillo in Chile, and from Canada to Switzerland.

Warren Miller's FACE OF WINTER

This is Home (2017)

Frenchman Etienne Mérel presents lots of cool snowpark stunts, spectacular heli-skiing, tree-runs and big mountain action at its best in the film by the Faction Collective. Creative jumps and slides at rather unusual locations are also on the programme. The laid-back ski pros show what they’ve got, including none other than Candide Thovax. The freestyle king and the rest of the freestylers let off steam at proven spots, but also in unknown terrain. Cliff drops and the like can be seen in Flathead Valley, Wasach Mountains and Alta in the US, in Jyväskylä and Kuopio in Finland, in Deštné v Orlických horách in the Czech Republic, in Zermatt and Verbier in Switzerland and La Clusaz in France. But be warned: there are also nasty falls on stair railings shown, as these are also part of the experience. The film has excellent ratings and winter sports fans can watch it for free on the Internet.

THIS IS HOME - Official Trailer

Legs of Steel – Same Difference (2017)

The guys from Legs of Steel have made several respectable, sometimes award-winning ski movies in the last few years. With “Same Difference”, they have succeeded in creating another piece worth seeing. The film is about “skiers”, i.e. skiers and their different perspectives on the most beautiful sport in the world. It’s about jumps, speed and breathtaking descents, although the ups and downs in the lives of the protagonists are also part of this film. A highlight – at least for SnowTrex – are, among other things, the parts with Felix Neureuther, who is accompanied through his exciting competition season. Paddy Graham’s attempt to defeat the greatest kicker of all time is also a feast for the eyes. Fascinating nature shots, back country rides, spectacular falls and meditation at the summit are among the impressive scenes of the film. Snow lovers who want to get to know different disciplines and touching stories of a few skiing legends should definitely give this film a chance.

Legs of Steel: Same Difference Official Trailer in 4k

ODA – Skilluminati (2017)

“Either you feel it or you don’t feel it.” These are the words with which the trailer for “Oda” begins, now the third film of the ski collective “Skilluminati”. The guys from Latvia have already presented two films (“Manifesto” in 2012 and “Sklmnti” in 2013) and are probably the most famous action sports filmmakers in the Baltic States. The new film features spectacular stunts in an urban setting as well as in rugged nature. What’s special about it is that these guys are not professional ski film makers. However, you won’t pick up on that while watching because the result is definitely worth seeing.


Drop Everything (2017)

Ski films are increasingly being produced at greater expense, and every year, new extremes hit the screens. In winter 2017, Matchstick Productions (Days of my Youth) delivered the allegedly most extreme ski film of the year. Shot in 4k quality, the movie promised to be “120 percent more amazing”, “150 percent harder” and “60 percent more captivating” and to offer “80 percent louder sound effects”. You can see respectable turns in deep powder, classic cliff drops and much more. There are also “up to 90 percent” more intense athlete interviews to watch. The self-ironic wink of the eye can’t be overlooked anymore, at the latest with the “More Marriage Interaction”. You can see that the makers had a lot of fun shooting and producing, just like the skiers. The movie is absolutely recommendable and delivers what it promises. However, the viewer has to find out for himself if the percentages are 100 percent correct.

DROP EVERYTHING - Official Trailer 4K

Warren Miller’s Line of Descent (2017)

The 68th edition of Warren Miller’s is a feast for every skier and snowboarder. From USA and Canada to Norway and France, you can be sure of magnificent locations and crazy stunts by top riders. Beyond that, there is also a deeper underlying message to the film: it tells about the passion of skiing and what motivates every skier to pick up their skis – epic!

Official Trailer: Volkswagen Presents Warren Miller's "Line of Descent"

Magnetic – Whistler Blackcomb (2017)

“Magnetic” is the first ski film to be shot exclusively in the Whistler Blackcomb ski area. However, this does not diminish the excitement as the ski area is the largest in North America. Scenes in the snowpark alternate between wild powder runs and mix into a multi-layered work that spontaneously makes you want to go on a trip to the Canadian ski area.

Official Trailer: MAGNETIC - A Whistler Blackcomb Movie [4K]

Guest List (2017)

In this flick, the Good Company crew surrounding rider and producer Tom Wallisch noticeably have fun in the snow – and on all kinds of obstacles like rooftops, staircases or snowparks with monster kickers. The sparks fly and it’s simply fun watching the guys shredding.

Guest List - Official Trailer by Good Company

Numinous – A Ski Film (2017)

Backcountry pro Kye Petersen is the star of the movie “Numinous” by Dendrite Studios. The extreme skier comes from British Columbia and, as such, is the best cast for the film, which was shot entirely in his home country. Visual storytelling is emphasized in every scene and there is no voice-over. Moreover, the soundtrack is said to be awesome. The makers took their time, having collected material for several years. The result promises to be accordingly versatile.

NUMINOUS - A Ski Film Trailer

Rogue Elements (2017)

Another Teton Gravity flick (Ablaze, Jeremy Jones series) already hints at what the movie is all about: the harsh elements of nature, massive snow and bright, blue ice, fascinating mountain giants and phenomenal landscapes. In it, the tiny little skier with steel legs and courageous will faces the relentless steep slope. Online, the film is said to have a “wild character”, which is roughly how we imagine the result to be.

Rogue Elements - Official Trailer

Blank Collective – Bearings (2017)

“Bearings” is another film from the far reaches of British Columbia. The third film of the Canadian Blank Collective promises a visual feast in the deep snow of Canada’s breathtaking, mountainous landscape. The professional riders Josh Daiek, Chris Rubens, Alexi Godbout, Stan Rey and Jordy Kidner give their all here again.

Bearings [Trailer] with the Blank Collective | Salomon

Pleasure (2016)

Last, but not least, a home entertainment tip: during the 54-minute film “Pleasure”, the pros really take off everywhere – whether it’s a steep slope in high alpine terrain or a railing in the city. The directing trio Josh Berman, Freedle Coty and Jonny Durst prove in their film an eye for the right moment in front of unique natural scenery and city backdrops. The film was shot in Eagle Pass in British Columbia, Gulmarg in India, Kirovsk in Russia, Hokkaido in Japan, Secret Valley in Switzerland, Washington D.C. in the US, Snowbird and Salt Lake City in Utah and in southeastern Alaska. SnowTrex editors have also given bonus points for the great artwork on the DVD.

Pleasure Official Trailer

Streif: One Hell of a Ride (2015)

Die Streif: Few other race tracks are as feared and fascinating at the same time as this downhill race in Kitzbühel. To mark the 75th Hahnenkamm Race, the documentary “Streif: One Hell of a Ride” was released in the cinemas. Director Gerald Salmina uses emotional and sometimes drastic images to show what this “Hell’s Ride” means and how the racers prepare for the competition on the notorious downhill course. On different levels, Salmina explores what makes this sporting event so fascinating and what drives people to accept the enormous risk of the Streif downhill run. A downhill run takes barely two minutes, and yet at speeds of up to 140 h/km, riders risk their health to be the fastest to reach the finish line. As it seems, he had set out to create a cinematic monument to the Streif that had never been seen before, and he has achieved this.

Streif - One Hell of a Ride - Trailer

Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows (2015)

“Chasing Shadows” is Warren Miller’s 66th edition. Here, professional skiers truly chase their own shadows: they race down the steepest of slopes at breakneck speed and draw their fantastic lines in the virgin powder of the Big Mountains. Miller serves us 96 minutes of snowy adventure, in which his knack for capturing that never-ending feeling of freedom between snow-covered peaks can be seen and felt once again. From heliskiing and touring camps in Alaska, speedflying in Chamonix and “cowboy downhill” in Colorado, with real cowboys and cowgirls, to monoskiing, tree-skiing and pure adrenaline on moguls: there’s something for all sorts of adrenaline fans here. However, the pros are not just challenged athletically: they are also spiritually challenged on the highest peaks in the world, in exotic Nepal.

Warren Miller Chasing Shadows - Official Trailer Europe

Legs of Steel – Ski Good Money Will Come (2014)

They rock the mountains and, for some time now, also the ski film scene: Legs of Steel (abbreviation: LOS). The crew around Bene Mayr is a hot contender for really big freeski cinema. Sponsor Red Bull already titled the guys “The metal band among ski movies”, and that’s a good description. They are mischevious, have steel in their ski legs and underline their clips with neat guitar rock. After “Hurt so good” and “The Lost”, the guys also delight with their extraordinary and funny mockumentary “Ski Good Money Will Come”, which won them the Jury’s Pick Award at IF3.

#Ski Good Money Will Come - Teaser

Tribute (2014)

In addition to the established studios, there are many smaller productions that professionally capture fun on the mountain and make great movies out of it. The Freeski Crew, for example, has been active in the film industry for about 15 years and this winter, they released “Tribute”, a centerpiece of their Innsbruck film studio. The film is dedicated to the city of Innsbruck, where the friendships of the crew were made and strengthened. In addition to the domestic images, spectacular sequences from the Himalayas, the Pyrenees and the Rocky Mountains are added.

TRIBUTE movie trailer 2014

Sculpted in Time (2014)

The short film series “Sculped in Time” by quality guarantor Sherpas Cinema (All.I.Can) is definitely recommended for ski film fans. Four short films tell stories from Banff National Park (including Lake Louise) in Alberta, Canada. The films “the wise man”, “the charakter”, “the artist” and “the innovator” use four characters to provide different perspectives on the beauty of the Canadian mountain world and its inhabitants, garnished with breathtaking rides over inhumanly steep slopes. All four short films can be viewed free of charge on the Internet.

Sculpted in Time: Official Trailer by Sherpas Cinema

Almost Ablaze (2014)

The aforementioned production company Teton Gravity Research has landed a big coup with “Almost Ablaze” (2014). Thanks to its visual aesthetics and creative runs, the film won several awards, including the “Best Film of the Year” award at the International Freeski Film Festival (IF3).

Almost Ablaze Official Trailer by Teton Gravity Research

Shades of Winter – Pure (2014)

The prize for the best name of a production company would definitely go to the “Shades of Winter”. Their fabulous flick “Pure” shows twelve of the world’s best women on skis and boards making breathtaking lines on Austrian, Swiss, Italian, American and Canadian slopes. The woman behind the camera is Sandra Lahnsteiner, who herself is also an actress!

Shades of Winter: Pure | A Female Freeskiing Film (Trailer)

Warren Miller’s No Turning Back (2014)

This list would not be complete without another work by the legendary Warren Miller. “No Turning Back” is an homage to 65 years of skiing passion and cinematic adventures on the mountain. In Miller’s 65th film, however, he does not look back wistfully, but rather fondly illustrates the development of ski culture. To do so, he gets many riders in front of the camera, including well-known faces from the racing circus like Ted Ligety and Mikaela Shiffrin. The scenery includes breathtaking locations in Greece, Japan, Switzerland, France, Norway and the US. Miller’s film impressively demonstrates the development of freeride film – no longer are spectacular runs with bass-heavy music strung together. Instead, stories are told of cultural, sporting and emotional significance.

Warren Miller's No Turning Back Official Trailer

Days of My Youth (2014)

It took Matchstick Productions more than two years of shooting for “Days of My Youth”. The film shows the “young wild ones” like Richard Permin or Bobby Brown with their extremely acrobatic freeride style. Women like Michelle Parker also belong to the crew. The film reminds the viewer that the passion (for skiing) can keep you young for a lifetime – at the very least, the great downhill runs are a lasting feast for the eyes.

Days of My Youth - Official Trailer

The Art of Flight (2011)

This production is a classic among snowboard movies. Launched in the US in 2011, “The Art of Flight” features stars like Travis Rice, Jake Blauvelt, DCP, Jeremy Jones and Nicolas Müller. There’s a good reason why this film enjoys such great popularity: the best snowboarders in the world conquer the most difficult slopes in the world. Breathtaking panoramas and jumps that no one would think possible are, of course, not to be missed. Producer and director Curt Morgan, former snowboard pro, has also worked with a lot of technical refinements. The film was shot in Patagonia, Alaska and British Columbia, among other places. The previous film by Curt Morgan and Travis Rice is “That’s It That’s All”, with Nicolas Müller, Terje Haakonsen and Jeremy Jones appearing in this production, among others.

The Art of FLIGHT | Official Trailer

More Ski Movies

WINTERLAND - Official Trailer

Romance - Official Trailer

THE COLLECTIVE: Official Film Teaser (4k)

Official Trailer: Grateful Dead presents Fire On The Mountain By Chris Benchetler


Absinthe Films "Isle Of Snow" Official Trailer

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