5 good reasons for skiing in Australia

14/06/2021 - SnowTrex

SnowTrex has 5 good reasons as to why it’s worth thinking about the Australian winter in the summer. How about a trip to the Snowy Mountains, the so-called Australian Alps and longest mountain range in Australia?

Skiing in Australia is also possible!

1. Australia: Summery winter fun in a land of contrasts

When we think of Australia, we automatically think of heavenly beaches, kangaroos jumping through the desert and colourful schools of fish passing by the Great Barrier Reef. However, the fifth continent is not called “the land of contrasts” for nothing. When the winter season comes to an end here, winter really begins in Australia. For all those who don’t want to store their equipment in the cellar over the summer, Australia is the perfect place to go right away!

Wide pistes in Australia.

2. Wide piste selection in the southeast

Summer winter fun can be found in southeastern Australia. In addition to 16 ski areas, the highest mountain on the mainland, Mount Kosciusko (2,228m), is also located there. Every year, the diverse country starts its ski season in June and ends it in October.

The Snowy Mountains in New South Wales are known as the “Australian Alps” and are excellent for skiing. The largest connected ski area on the continent is Perisher. Due to its altitude, it is also considered the most snow-sure and, with its short pistes, is particularly suitable for beginners and occasional skiers.

In Perisher and Thredbo, southwest of Canberra, as well as in the entire surrounding mountain region, the ski season is officially and ceremoniously opened in mid-June during the Queen’s birthday. The potential of winter sports as an economic factor has long been recognised here, and even the surrounding petrol stations secure their income by selling rental equipment. This means that the cumbersome and bulky luggage can stay at home and nothing stands in the way of an adventurous winter-summer holiday.

Something different: skiing in Australia.

3. Musical highlights to start the season

The annual Peak Festival in Perisher always starts at the beginning of June. The Peak Festival is the season opening for the new ski season, which includes four days filled with musical performances on several stages throughout the Perisher ski area. A variety of live acts from Australia and around the world create an exuberant atmosphere.

4. Paradise for freestylers

Freestylers can let off steam in several snow parks in the Snowy Mountains. From mini rails to super pipes in the Perisher Valley sub-area, freestylers of all skill levels will really enjoy themselves. Beginners meet at the Yabby Flat Mini Park or the Mt. Piper Fun Park. Advanced riders can practice tricks at the Jump City Snow Park, Falls Terrain Park or Thredbo Snow Park.

5. Kangoroo Hoppet

Another highlight for skiers is the annual “Kangaroo Hoppet”, a special ski marathon that is part of the Worldloppet series. The races are organised by the Worldloppet Ski Association. The goal is to participate in ten different Worldloppet marathons on at least two different continents. Those who achieve this goal are awarded the title of “Worldloppet Master”. The Kangaroo Hoppet is one of three marathons in the southern hemisphere and takes place in Falls Creek, a ski region in Mount Beauty in northeastern Australia. The ambitious winter athletes race over 42 kilometres in freestyle.

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