5 Good Reasons for a Ski Holiday in Iceland

01/11/2020 - SnowTrex

Iceland is the ideal travel destination for all skiing fans who want to experience a special kind of ski holiday. Iceland is not as cold as some might think in the winter. Due to the warming Gulf Stream, the average temperature in Reykjavik in January is 0.4° Celsius. Here are 5 good reasons from SnowTrex about why skiing in Iceland is definitely worthwhile.

5 Good Reasons for a Ski Holiday in Iceland.

1. Small Country, Big Selection of Pistes

In the small island state of Iceland, winter sports fans can expect a total of 75 kilometres of pistes in 11 ski areas. The largest of these is the Bláfjöll ski area (700 m), which translates as “Blue Mountains”, with 15 kilometres of pistes, closely followed by the Hlíðarfjall-Akureyri ski area (950 m) with 14.9 kilometres of pistes. The Skálafell ski area (700 m), on the other hand, has the longest ski piste in Iceland at 1.2 km. All eleven ski areas are scattered around the island, so the nearest ski area is usually not far away, regardless of which part of the island you choose to spend your holiday in.

2. Skiing with an Ocean View

The white expanse of Iceland with the ocean on the horizon.

What is impossible in the Alps is not uncommon in Iceland: skiing with a view of the ocean. When skiing in Iceland, not only does the white expanse of the country take your breath away, but so does the view of the vast ocean. If that wasn’t enough, in some ski areas, you are also surrounded by fascinating volcanic landscapes. Could there be any more variety?

3. Romantic Night Skiing

Heads up, romantic people: The Bláfjöll ski area regularly offers night skiing on floodlit slopes. This is very popular not only with the locals, but also with guests, not least because of the already breathtaking view of the surrounding volcanic landscape and the sea.

Night skiing: In the Bláfjöll ski area, winter sports fans can also ski down the valley late at night.

4. Northernmost Metropolis in the World

Feel like doing something after a day of skiing? Then you should plunge into Reykjavik’s exuberant nightlife. There are plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants here to party and have fun. The northernmost metropolis in the world also has a lot to offer during the day, like the concrete church Hallgrimskirkja or the Perlan with Saga Museum, for example. The hot water tanks are the city’s landmark. At the same time, with a bit of luck, you can marvel at the fascinating northern lights. The harbour and the concert hall are also not to be missed. If you want to have a special kind of spa day, you should definitely visit the Blue Lagoon – a geothermal outdoor pool that truly lives up to its name.

5. Perfect Cross-Country Trails

For those who would like to try cross-country skiing in addition to skiing, the aforementioned Bláfjöll ski area is a good place to start. Here, if the weather conditions are good, i.e. if there is enough snow, cross-country trails are prepared. Cross-country skiers can then ski a total of 33 km. In addition, the trails are located in the valley, rather sheltered from the wind, so that perfect conditions for cross-country skiing exist. There is a large car park directly next to the trails.

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