5 Good Reasons for Skiing in New Mexico

18/02/2021 - SnowTrex

New Mexico – the state of Native Americans, the vast semi-deserts, cowboys and chillies. Very few people know that Native Americans helped build the ski areas. Although it’s not really surprising, considering that the gigantic Rocky Mountains begin in New Mexico. SnowTrex has 5 good reasons for why skiing in New Mexico is a very special experience that no winter sports fan should miss out on.

In addition to multifaceted ski areas, winter sports fans will find picturesque nature and fantastic views in New Mexico.

1. Exotic skiing

The Taos Ski Valley is perhaps New Mexico’s largest and most famous ski area and has been used as a winter destination since the 1950s. This ski area really has it all: more than half of the pistes are marked in black, and only experts and professionals who are used to descending these types of pistes should dare to ski on them. However, families and children are also in good hands here. About 33% of the pistes are marked in green and blue. Nobody will ever get bored here, as there are 112 pistes available to guests. The snow park also provides plenty of fun for all ages. Taos is located in northern New Mexico, in the southern Rocky Mountains, and it’s not only known for its steep slopes, but also for its special charm worldwide. The mixture of the culture of the Hispanos and Puebloans with the European architecture makes skiing in Taos a very special, exotic experience.

Top groomed pistes in the Angel Fire ski area.

2. Carving in the evening sun

The Angel Fire ski area is only about half the size of Taos. It is located in northern New Mexico and lives up to its name as you can carve under floodlights until 8:00 p.m. on the weekends here. It also got its special name from the Ute people, who saw the red-orange glow of the mountains in the evening sun as an angel fire. The ski area reaches up to a proud 3,254 m altitude. It can be explored with 7 lifts and 75 kilometres of pistes. A total of 40 km of easy, 28 km of medium and 7 km of difficult pistes are available to winter sports fans. The construction of a certain number of hotels, guesthouses and holiday flats is attracting more and more holidaymakers to the picturesque village. And yet, even today, it is not yet completely overcrowded, as we sometimes experience in the big ski areas.

The evening sunshine in the Angel Fire ski area creates a very special atmosphere.

3. Skiing with Native Americans

In the small village of Ruidoso, in the very south of New Mexico, the Mescalero Apache decided to open the Ski Apache ski area in 1962. It is one of two ski areas in the USA that were founded by Native Americans. They held a traditional ceremony and asked the mountain gods, who lived at the top of the mountains, for permission to build this ski area, as it would eventually bring jobs and money to the Apache. In the meantime, the Apaches have invested a lot of money and work in the once small ski area and can now offer a large hotel with casino, pool and golf course. The lifts and gondolas were modernised and three fun parks were built. The Native Americans still run the entire ski area, which consists of 11 blue, 17 red and 27 black pistes. So, if you are interested in the traditional culture of the Mescalero Apache and, at the same time, want to visit a beautiful ski area, Ski Apache is the place to be.

4. Snow guarantee with fantastic snow conditions

Another very popular ski area in New Mexico is the Ski Santa Fe Resort. It belongs to the 3 best rated ski resorts in New Mexico. Families with children in particular will find a lot on offer. In the “Chipmunk Corner”, a children’s park, even the littlest visitors can practice their first turns on their boards or romp around in the snow. There is also a daycare centre for the little ones, so that parents can venture down more difficult slopes without worry. After all, professionals and experts will certainly not be bored here. A total of 77 pistes and 7 lifts are available to guests. 40% of the pistes are marked as difficult to extremely difficult. In “The Bone Yard” snowpark, freestylers can prove their skills. Numerous cosy restaurants and bars are available for winter sports fans to recharge their batteries and warm up in between, where they can enjoy warm tea and delicious burgers. Ski Santa Fe has a lot to offer – whether it’s challenging steep slopes, wide pistes for carving or practice lifts for beginners, there’s something for everyone! The Santa Fe ski area reaches up to an altitude of 3,680 metres, and this gigantic altitude allows for outstanding snow quality and safety for winter fun. A little further down is the city of Santa Fe, the capital of the US state of New Mexico, kwhich is nown for its artistic and historical buildings.

Freestylers also get their money’s worth in most ski areas in New Mexico.

5. Fascinating culture

If you want to see more than just the capital and the ski areas: how about a walk through the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, for example? This park is famous for its stalactite caves and unique rock formations – you can only find something like that here! Furthermore, you should definitely visit the White Sands National Monument. This is a nature reserve, where large dunes have become more and more extensive. The cities of New Mexico are also worth a visit. The cultural past with buildings such as churches and squares that are still preserved today give visitors a good impression of the fascinating culture of the Native Americans and locals of New Mexico.

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