Neureichenau – Hochficht Ski Area

17/10/2018 - SnowTrex

Located in the heart of the Bohemian Forest, the Hochficht ski area invites winter sports fans of all ages to experience an unforgettable winter holiday. Perfectly located in the border triangle of Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, the resort of Neureichenau and the Hochficht ski area provide for diversity and relaxation with their numerous sporting opportunities and rustic après ski locations.

Wintry panorama of the Hochficht ski area and the heavily snowed Bavarian Forest.

1) General information about the Hochficht ski area

  • 20 km of piste and eight lifts
  • Neureichenau ski resort in the Bavarian Forest at 669 m altitude
  • 100% snow cover in the Hochficht ski area until 1,338 m

A ski holiday in Germany is a very interesting alternative to the large ski areas in Austria and Switzerland, especially for families with children. The little ski area of Hochficht, wonderfully located right behind the border of Germany to Austria, has everything that beginners and children need: comfortable lifts, well-prepared pistes and, thanks to the artificial snow-making facilities, the greatest possible snow security. That’s not all, though: experienced skiers will also get their money’s worth in the Hochficht ski area, as there are also red and black pistes.

Easily navigable, full of snow, and quite sunny – that’s the Hochfich ski area.

The ski resort of Neureichenau lies at the foot of the Dreisessel (1,333 m) in the Bavarian Forest National Park and is attractive to visitors in both summer and winter. The resort lies at an altitude of 669 m and is a great starting point for heading to the 12 km distant Hochficht ski area, for going on winter hikes and taking in gorgeous landscapes, and for a quick trip to the Czech Republic for some shopping. The distance to the Hochficht ski area is really quite dependent on where your chosen accommodation is located in Neureichenau. When heading out from the resort centre of Neureichenau, it’s 12 km to the ski area, whereas when staying in the district of Lackenhäuser, it’s just 5 km away. The resort centre, with the “Bergland” lift and the “Zwergerl” lift at the “Campingpark” also provides you with the opportunity to make your way onto the piste directly in resort. There is also a tow lift at the Dreisessel with a 1.5 km long run.

The advantage to the ski resort of Neureichenau in combination with the Hochficht ski area are the additional holiday and sporting opportunities available in the valley. The holiday resort is easy to reach and offers a great mixture of culture, nature, and sporting activities. With about four to five hours of sunshine per day on average, your winter holiday will be quite a special experience, as the area is not only quite sunny, but also quite snow-sure. Snow can be found from November to April, although January can have snow depths reaching up to 200 cm.

The combination of natural snowfall and the great, skiable snow-making facilities, of which can cover 100% of the pistes, has led our experts to provide an excellent four-star rating. This way, you can be sure to have snow in the Hochficht ski area despite its relatively low altitudes from 933 – 1,338 m. The eight lift systems in the ski area have been awarded a good three stars.

2) Hochficht ski area map

3) Skiing in the Hochficht ski area

There’s always something new to discover in the Hochficht ski area and the surrounding area between Hochficht and Neureichenau. The ski area itself awaits winter sports fans with 20 km of well-prepared pistes, which can be covered in artificial snow, if necessary. Almost half of the pistes – namely 9 km – are blue and are recommended especially for beginners, children, and returning skiers. This helps the ski area earn four stars for the “Families & children” category. Expert skiers will also find 10 km of red pistes, although with enough patience and a bit of practice, children can also master a majority of them.

The ski area is also a regular venue for international ski races and therefore has a Europacup-FIS circuit. This, along with the Boardercross run, is also available for winter sports fans to use during the off-season and therefore helps the ski area earn three stars for “Experts & freeriders”. With the “Profi” run on the one side and the numerous pistes for children on the other side, the Hochficht ski area presernts itself as a great all-rounder, which can bring joy to all members of the skiing family. For children, a visit through the forest to the “Sunny Kids Parks” and the “Junior Route” is definitely worth it. A special highlight that’s popular with both children and adults, is night skiing along an approx. 1 km long illuminated piste.

The pistes snake through snow-covered coniferous forests.

A few other lifts in the area around the Dreisessel near Neureichenau, in the district of Lackenhäuser, and in Altreichenau near the Haus Bergland round off the interesting Alpine skiing offers. They are especially recommended for children who can already ride lifts and ski on their own and, or for when you only have time for a quick round of skiing.

Thanks to its located and magnificent landscapes, the Bavarian Forest is a real cross-country stronghold. More than 150 km of trails in the region around Neureichenau and the neighbouring districts of Haidmühle, Jandelsbrunn and Grainet are available and well-prepared for ambitious cross-country skiers. About 50 km are located in Neureichenau alone. Three wide skating trails invite both classic cross-country skiers as well as the sporty speedsters on smaller skis to the Dreisessel. In the district of Lackenhäuser, there is another 16 km of prepared runs split up amongst three trails.

4) Expert rating

Our experts rate ski areas based on set criteria in numerous categories. For the top category “Snow reliability”, the Hochficht ski area scores with a great four stars. The same rating goes for the categories of “Families & children” as well as “Snow parks”. This shows how successful the mix of offers for beginners and experts in the Hochficht ski area is.

The categories of “Beginners” and “Experts & freeriders” have each earned a good three stars. Just as many stars were awarded for the “Lifts & cable cars” as well.

Current status and further information with SnowTrex.

5) Activities besides skiing

In the Bavarian Forest Nature Park, there’s something for everyone to experience, whether it be winter or summer – even for guests who need a break from the pistes or don’t even want to set foot on the pistes. The wonderful landscape around Neureichenau, Lackenhäuser, and Hochficht invite you to come take a winter hike, with or without snowshoes or skis. Experience nature, astounding views, and make discoveries of all sorts – this is what makes a day in the Bavarian Forest so magical. A real highlight is a wintry ride in a horse-drawn sleigh, which is offered in Neureichenau, for example.

A total of more than 40 km of rolled, yet walkable winter hiking trails allow for short and long walks and hikes around Neureichenau. Those who are relatively fit and trained can even climb the Dreisessel in winter and enjoy lunch up at the mountain inn. Hikers will be rewarded for their efforts with a fantastic view of both the Bavarian and Bohemian Forests. In the valley around Neureichenau, several sporting activities await energetic guests. There are a few Bavarian curling rinks, a total of four tobogganing fields, and a snowtubing lift at the Campingpark in Lackenhäuser, where skiers and snowboarders can also find a small, yet pleasant piste.

Gorgeous winter hiking trails await active guests in the Bavarian Forest.

Along with all of the sporting activities, culture and a lovely sense of well-being certainly don’t come up short. Numerous palaces, castles, and cloisters can be found all around Neureichenau, all of whom have opened their gates to interested guests. A visit is definitely recommended and is a great alternative to winter sports. In the evening, many huts, restaurants, and rustic taverns have culinary delights, good beverages, and even live music planned.

6) Locations in the ski area

Neureichenau lies in the Lower Bavarian district of Freyung-Grafenau, near the German-Austrian-Czech border triangle. The distance to Austria is about 7 km away from the resort centre of Neureichenau. The Czech Republic, on the other hand, is about 20 km away. Neureichenau has numerous districts of its own, including Lackenhäuser on the Austrian border and only about 5 km away from the Hochficht ski area. Important for winter holiday-makers: The trip from your accommodation in Neureichenau to the Hochficht ski area can occur without vignette/toll sticker.

7) Arrival in the Hochficht ski area

The border triangle and the Neureichenau ski region, along with the Hochficht ski area, have a great transport connection and can be reached from all over Germany. From Munich, you can travel to Neureichenau in about 2.5 hours. From there, it’s about another 15 minutes until you reach the ski area itself. When coming from Nürnberg, you can expect to be on the road for about 3 hours. When coming from Regensburg, you’ll be at the foot of the Dreisessel in about 2 hours. Those coming by train should transfer to a bus once they arrive in the 25 km distant Passau.

Travellers who are flying can travel to the Munich, Linz or Salzburg airports. Linz is about 90 km away. When coming from Austria ina rental car, you’ll need a vignette/toll sticker. In Neureichenau and at the border to Germany, you won’t need one.

8) Weather, snow depths and webcams of Hochficht

Want to check and see if the sun is shining in the ski area? SnowTrex provides information about the weather and snow depths, and also gives you the chance to view webcams images.

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