SnowTrex Employees On The Go: Travelogue from Livigno

10/10/2019 - SnowTrex

At the end of March, our employee Magdalena spent a week skiing in Livigno, Italy. An enjoyable holiday experience – we’ve got the report for you here:

The picturesque municipality of Livigno stretches for a few kilometres through a wide valley.

Selection of Pistes in the Livigno Ski Area

“The main activity in duty-free Livigno – besides shopping – is skiing. I only learned to ski when I was an adult at SnowTrex, but now I ski a lot. I’m careful and have respect, and through conscious skiing, I can improve my technique. This has become very noticeable lately. For me, speed is not the most important thing. I like to carve over the wide, beautiful pistes and admire the mountains.”

Diverse pistes in the Livigno ski area.

“The Livigno ski area is suitable for connoisseurs like me, but also for every other skill level. The 115 km of pistes are divided into two larger areas. On one side of the slope is the Carosello 3000 (2,402 m), near which we stayed. On the other side is the Mottolino ski area (2,785 m). In addition, there are a few practice pistes right on the edge of the pedestrian zone. There are both beginner pistes, wide slopes with blue pistes, but also red and black ones which require some skiing experience. In addition, there is a great terrain for freeriding and two snowparks. As the weather was rather unpredictable, we went to Mottolino more often. That was a good choice because I have to say that the pistes there are super”.

Travel Report from Livigno: The wide pistes leave plenty of room for carving.

Taking a Break in the Livigno Ski Area

“For lunch, we liked to meet at a hut. Then, we relaxed on the deck chairs, listened to music and drank Lumumba (cocoa with rum) or Bombardino (eggnog punch). Also, the gastronomy offer in the mountain restaurants was large and quite tasty. You could choose between different dishes that could easily compete with some of the restaurants in the village”.

Après Ski in Livigno

“In Livigno, there are several ski huts and après ski bars. However, we were mostly in the ‘Stalet’ at the Carosello valley station. There, we have themed parties every day, which we couldn’t miss, of course. The music was very diverse, so there was something for everyone. At one of these parties, we heard a group of people speaking German. We got to talking and as it turned out, they were the German Olympic team in speed skating! They were on holiday or in the training camp – we didn’t find out any more than that, but it was irrelevant for the party evening together anyway”.

Shopping Paradise Livigno

“Once I arrived in Livigno, I could not help but be amazed. There are so many restaurants and pubs, supermarkets and even more boutiques with inexpensive goods. Livigno is a duty-free zone, so that the duty-free export is allowed up to a certain amount and/or a defined quantity. Prices for alcohol and petrol are also lower than elsewhere. It is definitely worth taking home one or two gifts – of course in the duty-free area. You should be careful with the quantities. You may be stopped and checked at the border crossing when you leave the tunnel, i.e. immediately after leaving it”.

The shopping street in Livigno.

Leisure Tips für Livigno

“All in all, the holiday was great. Top place, top ski area, top groomed pistes, top infrastructure. We rarely drive one after the other to the same place, but here I would make an exception immediately. Finally, a few personal tips for your visit to Livigno:

  • In the ‘Birrificio’, drink the beer ‘1816’ – the brewery is located at 1,816 m.
  • Race down the SpeedSkiing track on the Mottolino and Carosello 3000 and measure your own speed.
  • Try at least one of the many fun sporting activities: Heliskiing, paragliding, quad riding and, of course, night tobogganing on large tyres.
  • Those who are there in March can attend the ‘La Skieda’ festival. The Telemark Festival with a contest takes place annually and gathers telemarkers from all over the world.”

Now that you’ve read through the travel report, fancy a ski holiday in Livigno?

  • Thursday, 10. October 2019
  • author: SnowTrex
  • category: Ski Areas
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