SnowTrex Employees On The Go: Travelogue from Sölden

10/10/2019 - SnowTrex

Wonderful sunshine, wide runs – skiing in Sölden in the spring was an incredible treat for our employee Peter. The après ski in this party hotspot was also a great success. We’ve got the report for you here:

Travel Report from Sölden: Weather, pistes, party – all good!

The Selection of Pistes in the Sölden Ski Area

The Sölden ski area offers 144 kilometres of pistes and two glaciers, which almost always offer the best conditions for skiing. Here, SnowTrex employee Peter could really let off steam as an experienced skier, as even the steeper pistes at the Rettenbach glacier did not cause him any problems. “We skied the entire Sölden ski area”, he says. “Mornings in particular are a delight, when the pistes are still fresh and pristine. In addition, it wasn’t very busy early in the morning, which was great”. Peter was the first to ski down the valley on pistes 14, 22 and 21, which really made him enthusiastic. “The width of the piste was great on the 14, as was the path through the forest and the view of the valley on the 21 and 22. The good weather emphasized the beauty of the view”.

Impressive mountain panorama in the Sölden ski area.

However, every skier knows that the sun demands a sacrifice: soft piles of snow slowly form until slush dominates the area. This is rather exhausting for many skiers. “Around noon, the pistes below turned slushy, so we went further up”, says Peter. Since the ski area reaches up to 3,340 m, skiing in higher and therefore colder areas is not a problem and the conditions are usually still very good at midday!

Aprés Ski in Sölden

Sölden wouldn’t be Sölden without après ski. Peter and his friends could also confirm this – he also discovered his favourite après ski bar: “Philipp”. “A very good and practical hut, because from here, you can get back to the village without skis. The food is also very tasty and the beer is delicious”. However, even in Sölden, not everything revolves around the next drink, says Peter: “From the hut, you also have a good view of the pistes and the beginner’s hill. There are deck chairs and if the weather is good, you can also just lie in the sun for a few hours”. In spite of the party appeal, the relaxation up here obviously doesn’t come too short. Not only directly in the skiing area, but also in the village itself, there are many other bars and pubs that invite you to celebrate after the lifts have closed.

First course of the party menu.

“In the village itself, you can party at the ‘Fire & Ice’ and the ‘Umbrella Bar'”. In the epicentre of this celebration metropolis, the most popular clubs are literally lined up. If you’re tired of these places, you’ll find even more bars, as Peter was pleased to learn. “The bar ‘Marco’ was not quite as crowded. It’s a little further towards the town centre”. One or two glasses were definitely raised here. Peter also has a culinary tip: “If you like pizza, I can recommend the pizzeria ‘Onkel Tom’. Here, you can assemble your own pizza with four ingredients – which is also very tasty”.

In addition to the après ski parties, the alternative programme in Sölden at the end of a day’s skiing should not be disregarded: For example, the adventure pool “Aquadome Längenfel” is 13 km away from Sölden, but is definitely worth the trip. Spa-lovers have a breathtaking mountain view through a huge glass wall. Moreover, it is very exciting and at the same time unreal to sit in the bowl-shaped outdoor pools with thermal water and enjoy the panorama of snow-covered mountains at outside temperatures around freezing point – a really great and relaxing experience, especially after a strenuous day of skiing.

Accommodation Recommendation

After skiing and partying, Peter also wanted some peace and quiet on his own. “We stayed in the Haus Stefan Klotz. We were satisfied with the accommodation – it also had free Wi-Fi. In addition, we could walk to the nearest supermarket in just a few minutes and could reach the gondola on foot after about ten minutes. The location of the apartment building is also perfect for the way home late at night, as the bars and clubs are all not far from there. The closest bar was about a five minutes’ walk away”.

Dreamy pistes in Sölden.

In short: Sölden is the perfect place for skiing and partying!

Now that you’ve read through the travel report, fancy a ski holiday in Sölden?

  • Thursday, 10. October 2019
  • author: SnowTrex
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