5 good reasons for a ski holiday directly on the piste

07/02/2020 - SnowTrex

In the morning, after getting up, check the piste conditions from the window, fasten your skis and ski straight down to the first lift. After a successful day on the piste, you can ski to your accommodation, unstrap your skis and relax. This is what the daily routine can look like if you stay right next to the piste. SnowTrex knows other advantages of ski holidays on the piste.

Accommodation directly at the mountain station in Switzerland.

1. Ski holidays on the piste: start the day relaxed

Ski holidays on the piste not only save time, but also help you to avoid travelling by ski bus. Trudging to the bus in your gear and having to stand for the whole trip can be exhausting, especially for children. So why be stressed before the day has even begun? If the accommodation is directly on the piste, one is unbound, can go on the piste whenever one wants and avoid the crowd at the bus or the search for a parking space with the car. You have the day of skiing in your hands – which for many winter sports fans is what makes the holiday!

2. The right offer for every preference

Whether single, a couple, a family or a group – the range of accommodation near the pistes is wide. The ski hotels on the piste leave no wishes unfulfilled and offer the absolute all-round carefree package for winter sports fans. In order to stay flexible at lunchtime, the accommodations usually offer half board. This way, you can plan and arrange your breaks yourself. In the mornings and evenings, there is nothing to worry about and you can sit down at a set table.

Apartments and chalets close to the slopes are also very popular in France. The favourable prices, as well as the privacy in your own apartment, are a clear advantage for many families and small groups.

From the bed to the piste!

3. Enjoy every free minute

Be the first on the piste in the morning and take the last lift up the mountain again. This is possible without any problems if the accommodation is right next to the piste and you do not have to rely on the last ski bus. With this knowledge, the lift pass can also be enjoyed until the last minute of the last day before going home.

4. Design a flexible day

A ski holiday on the piste is also perfect for those who don’t want to or can’t ski all day long. You can comfortably return to your accommodation for a breather and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee on the balcony. Families with small children can stop for a midday nap at any time and small groups can more easily divide into skiers and non-skiers, as the distance to the accommodation is not far.

Chalet directly on the piste in Austria.

5. Relax away from the hustle and bustle

As a rule, off-piste life takes place in the valley. Accommodation on the piste is usually on the mountain and can often only be reached by lift or ski doo (attention: with such accommodations, it is not advisable to have small children with you!). A ski holiday in such a hotel high above the clouds is an extraordinary experience and recommended to everyone. The focus is on skiing and nature and will definitely ensure relaxation. Apart from France, where the shopping and entertainment facilities are directly on the mountain, food shopping in other destinations should be well coordinated and planned.

6. Conclusion

If flexibility and a stress-free winter holiday with the main focus on skiing is particularly important to you, you should definitely spend your next skiing holiday in an accommodation directly on the piste!

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