Short breaks - a quick shot of skiing fun!

Would you like to go skiing, but can't get the entire week off of work? Or are you perhaps partial to weekends in winter? Treat yourself to a quick getaway in the snow and spend an untroubled weekend in the mountains.

You can choose from several destinations including Austria, Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland for your short stay. Spend two to four nights in the mountains and, for trips later on in the season, choose a glacier ski area and ski even in May. The best conditions for a perfect short trip in the Alps - get ready to leave the stress of everyday lift behind!

Trend: Short Ski Holiday

Those looking for a short skiing holiday will be in good company, as short holidays are becoming more and more popular. More and more holidaymakers prefer to head to the mountains twice per season. The reason is simple: it's twice as nice! Not only do you have the opportunity to split up your fun on the piste into two trips, but you also don't have to choose just one ski area. Why not spend Christmas in the enchanting Gastein Valley, and then spend Easter up on the sunny Pitztal Glacier, for example?

From Wellness to Party Weekends

Weekend trips are especially good for getting away from everyday life for a bit. Wellness and party trips are oftentimes booked as short stays. Wellness hotels in particular are well-designed for short ski trips. It's there you'll find offers for all things ski weekend as far as the eye can see. Those seeking peace and quiet can spend two or three days laying back and unwinding.Just like the peace seekers, party-hungry travellers also make their way to the mountains for a short trip each year. For them, skiing is just as important as a stop in the umbrella bar with a subsequent visit to the club.

Popular Destinations for a Short Ski Holiday

For most holidaymakers, two factors in particular play decisive roles when thinking about a short ski holiday: the distance to the piste and the accessibility of the destination. Those who are spending a few well-deserved days on holiday would understandably like to make their way from the accommodation to the mountain as quickly as possible. Therefore, it's recommended to look for accommodations near the piste. You'll find plenty of offers for short ski holidays on the piste, especially in Germany and Austria. When heading to the mountains for just the weekend, arriving and departing shouldn't take up half of your time. Therefore, those coming by plane will find the ski areas around Innsbruck to be quite interesting. Nine ski areas belong to the Olympia SkiWelt, some of which can even be reached right from the city centre. Popular destinations for those coming by car or train include Allgäu, the region around Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and Berchtesgaden. Tyrol can also be easily reached thanks to the Inn Valley motorway.

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