Ski hotels on the piste - a stone's throw to the ski area!

Waking up in the morning, heading out the door, strapping on your skis, and skiing straight to the lift - what could be better than that? A ski holiday directly on the piste not only saves time, but also saves you the trouble of having to travel to the ski area by car or bus. Those who choose to have their accommodation directly on the piste will increase your ability to make the most of your ski holiday and provide you with the finest winter sports flair. The close proximity to the ski area grants you freedom and independence, as you always have the chance to dive right into the action or quickly make your way back to the accommodation after a successful day on the piste! Browse through our selection and book your next ski holiday directly on the piste!

Why book a ski holiday on the piste?

Ski accommodations directly on the piste are usually quite sought after. The hotels, pensions, and chalets close to the piste provide you with the ability to enjoy your ski holiday even more, something that many skiers appreciate. The reason is simple: Those staying directly on the piste save a lot of time.Does this sound familiar: the morning ride in the ski bus, suited up in ski gear from head to toe. The later you get on the bus, the slimmer your chances of getting a seat. This can be especially difficult when travelling with children. Those who simply have no desire to deal with the ski bus take their car instead. However, depending on depending on the time of day, you could run into difficulties as well, like trying to find a suitable parking space. For most winter sports fans, their ski holiday is the highlight of their winter – why not therefore try to make this time the most comfortable it can be? When booking an accommodation directly on the piste, several potential major issues immediately disappear into thin air: no crowds for the ski bus, no searching for a parking space - just come and go as you please. When the piste lies right at your door, you have complete control over how you plan your day. Whether it be taking the lift first thing in the morning or alternatively enjoying the sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee on the balcony, all the while watching early-birds weave their way down the piste - the choice is yours. Time is simply not a factor when staying so close to the ski area. This is what really constitutes a ski holiday for winter sports fans!

The right deal for everyone directly on the piste

The best part of having an accommodation directly in the ski area is that there really is a fitting offer for all tastes and types of skiing. From those who wish to use their lift pass until the very last minute possible or those who wish to head back to the accommodation every now and then to catch their breath. Whether you're single, a couple, or a family - the large selection of accommodations near the piste leave no wishes unfulfilled. Ski hotels directly on the piste usually offer a completely care-free package for winter sports fans. Those who wish to spend their holiday in such accommodations do so because they want to ski. Half board catering is often offered so that you don't have to worry about meals in the mornings or evenings, while still giving you the choice to be flexible with your breaks during the day. Hotel types include anything from spa oases to sport hotels to family hotels.While spa and sport hotels tend to focus on physical fitness and regeneration, family hotels focus rather on good childcare services, cooperation with ski schools, and evening entertainment programme. That being said, no matter what type of ski-in/ski-out accommodation you choose, one thing's for sure: The real fun lies right at your doorstep.Apartments and chalets near the piste are also quite popular with winter sports fans. French winter sports resorts in particular are often located above the 1,000 m level, right in the ski area. The affordable prices and privacy maintained in one's own apartment make French ski areas especially favourable to families and smaller groups.

What should be considered when staying on the piste?

Apart from France, where shopping facilities and partying locations are built directly into the mountain, life off the piste usually takes place down in the valley. It is therefore worth keeping in mind that depending on the type of ski hotel you choose, you may have to travel a bit by car in order to get to a supermarket, public pool, or similar facilities. What's more is that some hotels on the mountain can only be accessed with a lift or snowmobile. A ski holiday in these types of hotels above the clouds is truly an exceptional experience and recommended for everyone. However, if your winter holiday involves more than just skiing, it is recommended that you inform yourself about the location of your accommodation ahead of time.

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