Ski holiday in a Club Hotel - entertaining family holiday with many extras

A club holiday for skiing is the best choice for active families and couples with a high entertainment requirement. The spacious areas are well-equipped and provide diverse leisure programmes in both the accommodations as well as in the snow. With a diverse selection available for attentive child care both on and off the piste, along with an extensive animation and activity programme, there's certainly something for everyone. Catering options like half board PLUS or All inclusive are also quite extensive and leave no culinary wishes unfulfilled. Sometimes, ski guides, visits to the thermal baths, or even skiing and snowboarding lessons are included in the price. Club hotels offer just a bit more in terms of comfort and entertainment - discover a whole new holiday world with us.

Ski holiday in a Club Hotel - entertaining family holiday with many extras
Ski holiday in a Club Hotel - entertaining family holiday with many extras

Why a Club Hotel?

A club hotel in a ski area offers an even larger selection of wellness and sporting opportunities than traditional hotels, and also places great importance in the child care and entertainment services available for children. The location of a club hotel is usually quite central and can be easily reached, while still offering a perfect starting point for excursions. The catering options are also much more diverse and of a higher quality. Whether you're with the whole family or on your own - it's here that the most diverse people can meet up as they like.

The Benefits of a Ski Holiday in a Club Hotel

Holiday and relaxation has a different meaning for everyone. If a diverse selection of entertainment, food and beverages, wellness and adventure play parts in a relaxing holiday for you, then you next ski holiday should certainly be spent in a club hotel. Families in particular will benefit from the many possibilities and deals available to them in club hotels, of which traditional hotels don't offer, like an extensive, professional child care service for all ages with plenty of entertainment options. Many activities take place in the snow, but you'll be sure to avoid boredom for quite sometime even in the hotel! Indoor pools as well as numerous other sporting opportunities will keep you in motion, with or without your kids. While the children are tearing around under the watchful eye of the child care professionals, you can kick back in the spa area.

Club Hotel Ski Holiday: What Should I Know?

As you can see, club holidays and ski holidays can be bundled together perfectly! Still, it's important to consider what your particular club hotel specialises in. Some club hotels emphasise time in the spa or on the piste, while others emphasise a family atmosphere with help from the professional child care services. If you keep these points in mind, nothing can stand in your way of a great club holiday!