Adults Only: Holiday in an Adult Hotel

27/05/2019 - SnowTrex

The rising demand cannot be dismissed: More and more adults are looking for rest and relaxation in so-called “adult hotels”. Here, only guests aged 16 and over are allowed, and often only those aged 18 and over. Do these holidaymakers not like children? Of course, but SnowTrex shows what is really behind this trend.

Are you looking for pure relaxation? Then off to the Adults Only Hotel!

Trend adults only hotel

The idea that you can completely relax during your holiday and simply let your mind wander is oftentimes not in line with reality. Children running around as well as a relatively high noise level at the pool or in a restaurant are a real nuisance for some holidaymakers – whether they’re with other children or their own. Sometimes you just want to read your newspaper, sip your cocktail by the pool, look at the mountains or enjoy your dinner in peace and without children screaming. Not only adults without children, but also more and more parents follow the trend to take a break from (their) children. There is nothing better than an adults only hotel.

Relax in adults only hotel

Adult hotels specialise in the needs of adults (including parents) who want to spend a few days taking care of absolutely nothing – maybe their spa plan, at the most. The offers range from saunas, steam baths, massages and other spa treatments to sports and leisure activities, culinary hotel restaurants and romantic candlelight dinners. Special courses such as yoga, salsa or rumba are also in trend. Not to forget the rooms and suites, which are often exceptionally equipped, as well as the special ambience of the hotel. The latter is also due to the fact that there are no children running around, sometimes at times that are absolutely incompatible with the desire to sleep late. The big goal of adult hotels is: to offer a quiet oasis to adults in need of relaxation, sometimes very stressed out, where they can completely relax and enjoy a break from everyday life.

Adults only holidaymakers are also parents

Some people may think of the words “anti-children” when talking about “adults only”, but that has absolutely nothing to do with it! On the contrary: travellers are often loving parents who just want a few days as a couple, in twos and without children. This refers primarily to their own children, but also to other people. Even holidaymakers without their own children are usually just looking for a little peace and quiet from their stressful everyday life in adults only hotels. These can be couples without children, but also, for example, combinations of mothers or fathers and adult children. Adult hotels are also very popular with expectant parents who want to treat themselves to the ultimate peace and quiet shortly before birth.

Spa in an adult hotel.

By the way, the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) also believes that the concept is not against children or parents. For them, the concept is a unique form of specialisation.

SnowTrex also offers adults only hotels

SnowTrex also meets the wishes of travellers for a ski holiday in an adults only hotel. Whether in the “Hotel & SPA Wulfenia” in Nassfeld-Hermagor, in the “Hotel Kaysers Tirolresort” in Mieming, in Seefeld in the “Wellnesshotel Schönruh”, “Hotel Stefanie” or “Alpenhotel fall in Love”, in the “Elisabeth Hotel” in Mayrhofen or with self-catering in the “Apartments Heidi & Peter” in Kirchberg – there is something here for every adult in need of relaxation. Those who have exhausted their energy on the slopes in the morning can definitely look forward to a “child-free end to the day”. For the most part, the accommodations offer an extensive spa programme and connoisseurs will also get their money’s worth. Depending on the location of the accommodation, you can also treat yourself to “peace and quiet”, party exuberantly (without thinking of the children) and sleep well the next day.

Relaxation with a view of the mountains without the noise of children.

Plenty of offers for everyone

The fact that adult hotels are becoming more and more popular can be seen in the increased demand and also in the growing supply. Nevertheless, more and more hotels in Germany are focusing their offers on families. Here, children can still play, make noise and romp around – in other words, do everything that goes with a family holiday. Everything is in balance, so everyone will continue to find the right holiday for them – with or without children.

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