Ski packages: advantages of package holidays

13/06/2019 - SnowTrex

Package holidays are continuously attractive. This is not surprising, as they offer the perfect package especially for those looking for relaxation who also value safety and comfort when booking their holiday. Apart from this, there is a number of further advantages in package holidays – SnowTrex collected 7 of them.

Package holidays offer great security and comfort.

1. Package holidays can also be individual

Package holidays are offers that cannot be changed. But even here, travellers have the opportunity to put together their own special holiday wishes – but still get all the other advantages of packages. For example, you can book an accommodation for five persons, but book the lift pass for only three of them. Or you use only the breakfast instead of the half board – just ask the tour operator or, if possible, pick out the board the way you prefer it when booking.

2. Less expensive than individual bookings

When buying accommodations or lift passes, tour operators have clearly better conditions than private persons because they buy much larger quantities. Holidaymakers will recognise this in the package price: usually it is a lot less expensive to book accommodation, board and lift pass as a package directly with the tour operator than booking single services separately. This also applies to the special services many tour operators offer, such as e.g. insurance or equipment hire.

Package holidays offer skiing fun for the whole family.

3. Calculable travel expenses

In a ski package, travellers will see the majority of the travel expenses they will incur at a glance: Accommodation including board and lift pass are a major cost factor besides the fare. It goes without saying that you do not want to experience any unpleasant surprises that would strain your travel budget. All the better that you can already see a large cost factor in a ski package as a fixed number, so that you can calculate the travel expenses much better.

4. Best-Price-Guarantee

Another price argument that speaks for booking a package holiday with a tour operator is the best price guarantee: Tour operators promise to offer the best price for the respective holiday. In case customers find a holiday somewhere else which has the same services and availability and takes place at the same time, they get a discount.

5. Tour operator as a point of contact

Almost every traveller has a question regarding his booking before or during the vacation with which they would like to turn to a competent person of contact. Being able to contact the tour operator is a large advantage. Whether over the phone or directly in resort: most tour operators always have a sympathetic ear for all customer inquiries.

6. Anticipation without stress

Once you have found and booked the right ski holiday package, you have no more stress with researching. Accommodation: check. Board: check. Lift pass: check. Maybe you even booked rental equipment and insurances right away – those booking a package holiday can lean back and relax when it comes to this as well.

Package holidays: Best price, great fun.

7. Safe with a Certificate of Security

Tour operators in Germany have a Certificate of Security: In case the tour operator or the hotel where winter sports enthusiasts booked their holiday become insolvent, but the customers have already paid for the journey, the travel expenses will be reimbursed and they do not have to worry about your journey back. This is an enormous advantage when you keep in mind that with individual bookings, e.g. the rental equipment booked separately in advance has to be paid (in part) even if you do not travel at all.

Ski packages are generally worthwhile for all holidaymakers as they save money, stress and valuable time. All that remains is the question: Where to go on a winter holiday?

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