Our products are now available as XML data files.

XML Data

Our XML data files allow you to display our offers on your website. You can use the XML data files with content relevant to your site and establish a content site that will help your site earn a higher page rank (on Google, for example).

Attention: All content that you integrate into your website via our XML data must be blocked from the Google Index.

This data will be updated three times daily (5:00, 13:00 and 18:00 CET) to ensure it is as up-to-date as possible:

Master files (stamm.xml)

Contained within the master files are details to the destinations/accommodations from our offers.
DTD Structure

Offer data (pakete.xml)

The offers include details regarding dates with occupancy, price, etc.
DTD Structure

Other services (services.xml)

Other services can be understood as e.g. equipment hire or lessons.
DTD Structure

In this explanation it is assumed that you will build your data bank from the master files.
In order to uniformly assign the connection between the master files and the corresponding packages, it is easiest to use the room "ID". These can be found in the master files under the node "room" as "ID" and in the Packages under the node "package_service" as "room_ID".

The link between Packages and Miscellaneous Services is provided by the additional_service_id". This is found in Packages under the node "additional_service_ids" and in Services under the node "additional_service".

An explanation of the individual XML elements is found in the DTD structures.

Should you be interested in our XML data, please contact us: info-uk@traveltrex.comand we will send you the requested data.