Ski holidays on a farm

Nothing is more idyllic and original than a holiday in the countryside. Staying in a magnificent farmhouse surrounded by stables, fields, and untouched nature. It's even better when the farm is in the Alps and you're additionally surrounded by great mountain landscapes. Here, skiers and snowboarders can combine the idyllic countryside with tons of fun on the piste.

Those who want to connect their ski holiday with their love of the countryside will find just the right offer for the whole family here.

Ski holidays on a farm
Ski holidays on a farm

Why a Ski Holiday on a Farm?

The possibilities on a farm are diverse and close to nature. Children in particular will find it to be a great experience with nature while personally getting to know various types of animals. Many farms offer half-day or full-day supervision so that parents can confidently head to ski area while their kids feed chickens and pigs, milk cows, run around the yard or have a snowball fight. If the farm has horses, adventurous trips through deep snow or romantic carriage rides are usually offered - an experience that's not just for children. In the evenings, there's nothing more cosy than gathering together in front of a roaring fire in the parlour for hot punch and to watch the snow fall outside.

Ski Holiday on a Farm: Where To Go?

More and more holiday-makers are becoming interested in winter holidays on the farm and that's why the options are growing. You could, for example, visit the Farm-Pension Wassererhof in Gerlos. The cosy Farm-Pension Wassererhof is located in a quiet area in the district of Gmünd, approx. 3 km away from Gerlos and the "Isskogelbahn" gondola of the Zillertal Arena. Here, you can experience an ideal ski holiday with cows, horses, pigs, chickens, and cats.

Ski Holiday on a Farm: What Should I Know?

When thinking about a ski holiday on the farm, happy, free-range animals usually come to mind. However, this is not always the case. As a ski holiday on a farm is oftentimes referred to as "sustainable tourism", you should really be sure to partake in environmentally-friendly travel and make sure that the animals present are not living in a factory farming environment as this is not a pretty sight for your children and should not be considered "normal". Furthermore, allergies should be considered, particularly animal hair allergies as this could be an issue when staying on a farm. The best thing to do would be to bring extra play clothes with you so that you and your kids can visit the stables untroubled. If you keep these tips in mind, your winter holiday on a farm will surely be unforgettable!